Best Xbox One External Drives

GamesRadar - When it comes to storing your Xbox One data, the 500GB capacity just isn't enough for diehard downloaders - that's fewer than 10 fully downloaded titles plus save data and other necessary updates. And unlike the PS4, the Xbox One can't be easily gutted for the sake of hard drive swapping. Instead, Microsoft lets you jack in external drives.

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FRAKISTAN1749d ago

With the xbone already being huge as it is, with the power brick being as it is and now I get to have an external HDD lying around as well. WOW! /s

Props to Sony and Mark Cerny for creating an engineering benchmark

WeirdShroom1749d ago

A benchmark in lack of options maybe.

Rimeskeem1749d ago

Now now, everyone calm down. Both systems are great in their own way.

Talking to both of you

christocolus1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

LOL. way to troll Mr Frakistan. Rimeskeem is spot on.

Revvin1749d ago

I've just bought an XBOX One and I'm already running out of space. On one hand its good that you can add a USB drive as it makes expansion simple even for the most dense gamers out there but the neat freak side of me wishes Microsoft had done the same as Sony and engineered in a clever way of upgrading the internal drive without invalidating the warranty. I have already upgraded my PS4 HDD to a 2TB drive as for both consoles this gen I'm going completely digital with no games on disc.

I very rarely trade anything in and don't want to feed the greedy stores who mark up used games at nearly new prices and with both Sony and Microsoft running regular sales and deals it makes going digital a lot cheaper than it used to be.

Deathdeliverer1749d ago

Can't argue with options. I do prefer the internal switch I did with my PS4 because it doesn't take up space like my external Xbox HDD, not to mention another outlet. Once you see those TBs of space most is forgiven.

voodoogts1749d ago

Just added two 5TB hard drives on my XBox One. This should last me awhile. Glad I can DNLA on my Xbox One as well.

optimus1749d ago

Well i don't have either as i'm still holding out for another price drop and better games. I do like the idea of plugin drives as opposed to internal swapping. 1. because external drives are getting smaller and smaller. 2. Because you can unplug and take it with you to a friend's house and not drag around your big box to play those games. You just don't have that flexibility with internal storage.

Chrisgamerguy1749d ago

Saw the 1tb seagates at best buy on sale for 59.99. Should've picked one up I bet the sale is over now

tmh35931749d ago

I got the touro 1tb 7400rpm portable for 70, thing is fast and awesome.

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