Microsoft (Still) Hasn’t Given up on Kinect

GamesRadar - It might have fallen off the standard Xbox One bundle and into the realms of a separate purchase but Microsoft still isn’t giving up on Kinect just yet. In an interview in the new issue of Edge Magazine, Xbox’s Phil Spencer is enthusiastic about the peripheral and adamant about its place with Xbox One, even if it has had a rocky start.

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ThinkThink1754d ago

Well that's good to hear considering I use it everyday. I'm not saying I want every game to use it (because i don't) but keep a handful of creative, fun games coming my way every year and I'm happy. That and continue introducing new features for it. I'm curious to see how the PC community and indie teams get creative with it in the coming years.

Foehammer1754d ago

Same here

Even when I have the controller in my hand I often blurt out a voice command....

it's become 2nd nature now

saying what you want just seems normal

Shame my oven doesn't work the same way.

lameguy1753d ago

Sure, commands/Skype/twitch/whatever . Just keep it away from games...

LifeInNZ1753d ago


I have no problem with Kinect being used to augment a gaming experience. Head tracking, voice activated gps, detecting how you react to change whats going on in a game. Dont mind occassional casual games like fruit ninja 2 or fitness programs. As long as its strengths are exploited and not forced to work for a game then I have no problem with Kinect at all.

Septic1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Same here too. Its a brilliant device for other services.

It still feels pretty cool just walking into a room and saying Xbox On. I do it every morning when Im having breakfast.

And its faster than a controller as well when you want to snap something. So I can just say xbox snap Skype or snap party etc.

My mic broke so have been using the Kinect and its impressive how it cancels out all the sound coming from the tv and relays my voice to others.

Core gaming applications are pretty much non existent for me on this.

Bigpappy1754d ago

Yep. I bought my full package at launch. If my Kinect were to break, I will try and replace it same day. I have many uses for it with or without games.

AngelicIceDiamond1753d ago

@Think That's a fair statement. Even though I'm not a big fan of Kinect as well as many others doesn't mean MS shouldn't release some creative fun games.

Kinect Fruit Ninja 2 was casually announced by MS on a regular day and released like what, a month later?

Anybody wants it can download it. Have it been last gen MS would had a 10mill+ ad campaign for it and force it down our throats.

rawrock1753d ago

Exactly, I love my Kinect for voice commands and interacting with the AI. Its a cool thing, just not for actual games...

700p1753d ago

Also its like this, why would they give up on a product that was relatively successful. It was popular on 360 and used by many hospitals etc.

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INTOmyMOUTH1753d ago

I am more than comfortable using mine. Can't get xbox on to work at all times but I'm working on that. Like previous poster, I have controller in hand and I still bark out commands at kinect. It's handy and fun and quite honestly that may be just good enough by me.

Sm00thop1753d ago

Kinect has got its uses, its just not the best for games. I would say its definitely worth paying the little extra in the bundle to have it.

1753d ago
WeAreLegion1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Bought a Kinect for my XBO last week. Had it about three days before I took it back. If I had dozens of games on the system, it would make sense to use it for navigation, but I don't. I know that because I use the PS Camera for navigation. It's a great feature and something I think is great if you have enough games on either system.

However, it was just too sporadic for me to use it for anything else. So, I returned it.

I hooked it up to my cable box, but it's just as quick and simple without hooking the thing through the Xbox One.

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