The Crocodile Tears of Male Gamers

Let's talk about why men need to talk about sexism in gaming less.

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dotwithshoes1748d ago

I think the freedom to make a game that we want to make, as developers, should not have to pander to "Oh I have to add a strong female character to my vision to appease the female public." If women want more strong women leads in games, do something about it other than whining and bitching. If men can learn how to make games, anyone can.

SpiralTear1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

"That doesn’t mean I don’t want to discuss it. That doesn’t mean I don’t want it being discussed on this site. It simply means that I am not the person to do it."

You just did. Narrow-mindedly, in fact, and you didn't offer a single female perspective from your staff in this article saying that women should have a perspective on this. The hypocrisy is mind-blowing.

"Therefore, we have decided that we will forgo any further in-depth discussions of sexism in games until female writers are hired, or until we get an interview with a relevant voice."

Well, it probably won't happen, because you're treating women like sheep. If you want women to write for you, treat them as equals instead of moving gaming topics to things like this. Good press coverage will get writers (women included) to write for you, not this pathetic pandering for social issues. Female gamers aren't idiots. They play games just like you and me, pal.

And I can name off many other female developers with infinitely more to show than the ones this guy listed. Amy Hennig. Michelle Silva. Siobhan Reddy. Bonnie Ross. Roberta Williams. THESE women have influence because they are spending more time designing and managing game development instead of trolling on Twitter.

Once again, this is a group of men thinking that female representation is limited to what the loudest parts of the media are talking about. How about you talk to your average female gamer at a convention or game store before you start speaking for them by saying you're not gonna speak for them?