New GTA 5 PC screenshots show chaos, cars and cacti

It's been a long wait, but there are now just six days until GTA 5's PC release. With less than a week to go, Rockstar has set loose another (and possibly final) batch of PC screenshots. Here, if you want to gorge on static visuals, are batches one, two and three.
Our Sam has played GTA 5 on PC, and he's very excited about that fact. You can read his impressions of the PC port.

If you just want the cold, hard facts of life, we've also listed the game's full PC graphics options.

The PC version will support 4K resolution, and—if your PC has the clout—run at 60 frames-per-second. It will (finally) come out on April 14.

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swishersweets200311756d ago

i dont get why you even bothered.

sander97021756d ago

"I say tomato you say tomato I say transitive you say intransitive"

AcceptedWalnut1756d ago

My body's ready, my poor PC probably not so much :(

Bolts1756d ago

Omg dat PC texture resolution! They really need to patch up the PS4 version.

ONESHOTV21756d ago

lol a patch will not help it.. why don't you invest in a PC

swishersweets200311756d ago

i'm not trying to be mean bolts but there is no way the ps4 version can be upgraded with a patch to look like that.

GiantFriendlyCrab1756d ago

its been two years so ofc its gonna look this good

gamernova1756d ago

I really wish I had the monitor and PC for 4k but 1440p will do. So exited! Already pre-loaded :)

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