Bloodborne Guide: How to Get All 3 Endings

Bloodborne has 3 story endings in total. Here's how to unlock all of them, and how to do it without replaying the game.

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SmielmaN1754d ago

Sweeeeeeeet. Can't wait to see all three :) im also glad I resisted temptation and didn't exploit any of the glitches to over power myself. There's quite a feeling satisfaction when you finally beat the bosses.

redknight801754d ago

Heck yeah, it can be a tad frustrating to die 10 darn times like I just did vs the Blood Starved Beast..but when I finally beat it on the 11th try, oh man...such a great feeling of accomplishment.

ziggurcat1754d ago

there are tougher bosses in this game. i beat that boss on my second try. and really, 10 times is pretty good as far as the amount of attempts. it's a heck of a lot better than spending 3-5 hours on a boss like i have done in this game.

if you are planning on getting the platinum, have fun with the defiled chalice dungeon (which is required in order to progress towards one of the trophies). you lose half of your health, so everything can pretty much one-shot you.

redknight801754d ago

@ ziggurcat

I am only now starting to grasp the finer things of the game and I am grinding a bit now to get my level up. I can't wait to see the other bosses in the game!

SmielmaN1754d ago

Ya it seems like some bosses I handle fairly quickly, I actually beat vicar in one try, but some have just made me hate my hands. Currently the boss that destroys my morale is the martyr. I had him to less than 10% health one time. Never got him past 50% since. Quite frustrating, so I'm just starting Bergen-whatever to see what I can dig up before I have enough supplies to go back at him.

@below: I had also read that you need 3/4 umbilical cords to get the true ending and final boss. I think that's all you need. But who knows if there is another super secret ending, new stuff comes out every day. The game has a boatload of depth.

Alexander1Nevermind1754d ago

I have been doing pretty good beating most bosses on my 1st 2nd or 3rd try. Then I get to Martyr Legarious... On my 4th try I had him down to maybe 5% of his life and I had all mine. Then the combo happened.... Needless to say I was done with Bloodborne for the night after losing that one lol.

Ozmoses1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

see in a situation like this chalice dungeon I would wear both runes I have that increase overall HP %.. I think one has 10% and the other 5%.

at least on one of the attempts to see if it would help anyway.. I dunno I haven't played any chalice dungeon yet..

I last played Friday I was in the Nightmare of Mensis just waiting for people to PvP.. I've got like 20 Blood Dregs now.. But I've been playing MLB: The Show as of recently.

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ziggurcat1754d ago

i got the plat the other day using this method, but i will end up doing another run through the game because i missed one thing:


there is an alleged 4th ending if you consume 4 of the umbilical cords - i screwed up, and only had three of them, so i'm going to get all four this time to get what's called the "true" ending.

Forn1754d ago

I read that whether you consume three or four the ending is the same.

ziggurcat1754d ago

hmmm... i will have to investigate that. in which case, i might not even bother with a second run.

LoveSpuds1754d ago

Just finished Bloodborne, what an amazing game!

Wish I had saved my file to usb to see the endings but its too late now. I only ended up with 2 of the umbilicals anyway so I guess I will get another play through if I want to see the other endings.

Question is, should I continue with new game plus or restart with a new skill based character, decisions decisions!

Anyone tried new game plus, is it just a case of tougher enemies?