16 Severely Underrated Video Games That Deserve A Second Chance

Whether these got the short straw next to larger, similar-looking titles that dwarfed their marketability – or they were just overlooked altogether – more than ever in today’s digital climate you’re able to hunt down the lot for a far better price regardless.

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DarkOcelet1749d ago

Bulletstorm gunplay was great, the problem was the lousy story and useless cussing.

Binary domain was great but the stupid achievements and empty online ruined it for me.

Shadow of the damned was amazing although they should really tone down the puzzles if they ever made a sequel.

Yakuza series should be packed for the Ps4. Nuff said.

Splinter Cell Blacklist was amazing and piss me off that they put much more attention to AC than this game.

The Evil Within will most likely get a sequel since it sold more than three million copies and i think that is higher than Dead Space 1 and it got a trilogy and hopefully a fourth part is in production.

Mikefizzled1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Some of the cussing fit in Bulletstorm but it was mostly exhaustive and cringe worthy.

Regarding The Evil Within: Mikami didn't want to make it. Bethesda refused to let him loose on the game he wanted and instead asked for Evil Within first.

3-4-51747d ago

Hows the list? I refuse to click on Whatculture.

Relientk771748d ago

Remember Me
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
DmC: Devil May Cry

Rimeskeem1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

First off, I, personally, didn't like Evolve because the lack of true story as well as repetitive gameplay. Second, Mirrors edge 2 was already announced.

MysticStrummer1748d ago

I don't know if it's underrated or not, but… Freedom Fighters!

Agent_00_Revan1748d ago

Omg yes!! I still can't believe they never made another one.

Septic1748d ago

Ah yeah sick game! Definitely needs a remake.

KryptoniteTail1748d ago

Lost Oddysee is the only good one there, the rest are bland, and DmC absolutely f*****' sucks. Horrible list, F.

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The story is too old to be commented.