TV on Xbox Gets More Versatile with Over-the-Air Tuner for the U.S. and Canada


At Xbox, we’re committed to delivering amazing new gaming and entertainment experiences, and part of that commitment includes giving you the best TV-viewing options, in one place, never more than one step away from your gaming. Currently, all through the same input, you can use on-demand apps like HBO GO, Netflix, Comedy Central and Hulu Plus, stream live Internet TV from Sling TV, or watch live TV through your cable or satellite box. Today, we’re adding another great option for Xbox One owners to get TV entertainment. We’re excited to announce a partnership with Hauppauge, 23-year veterans in the over-the-air TV space, to deliver one of the most asked for Live TV features on Xbox Feedback to our fans in the U.S. and Canada – an over-the-air TV tuner.

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ScorpiusX1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Little by little cable television will become a thing of the past. The only service left for cable companies to offer is Internet till some one figures how to get that to us without them involved. It's a shame all they had to do is better the the delivery and offer alacarte programs .

1755d ago
Gotcha51755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

The USB Devices can cost $79 retail or less and Antenna could run high as $24 all this come at a price for free Over-the-Air. But the streaming TV to phones and tablet is nice.

1755d ago
generalthadeape1755d ago

Cool-- I've got Comcast but this is a fantastic feature for all of the "cable cutters".

Keep 'em coming Microsoft, keep 'em coming!

Foehammer1755d ago

WOW, it includes live pause, didn't expect that, that's great