Mortal Kombat X Release Game Info Leaked

Mortal Kombat X is right around the corner for all to enjoy, and with that we’ll have some info to release, and that info is from the official game as one of our contacts has the full official boxed game on the PS4. You’ll see the game’s roster, maps, modes and other details. Aside from the story mode which we decided not to include.


Video now added showcasing the full roster

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Hoffmann1754d ago

Stages are called Maps now?


OptimusC1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

the author is perhaps of a younger generation who doesn't know the original terms for the various environments in games and has spent wayyy too much time playing FPSers... It's technically supposed to be a Stage because the characters are viewed in a 2D plane. The environments change, but the 'Stage' remains the same size and is static. Maps (in FPSers) are different because they are a layout which you move through. 'Levels' are a 3rd beast because a level is setup like a stage where it is viewed in a 2D plane but you are able to move through it and is not a static size.

Hasn't there been articles on what the difference between these three terms are? I feel this is just more common sense knowledge than anything...

theRell1753d ago

I'm just wondering if the block button is gone.