PS Plus Owners Get Free Bloodborne PS4 Theme On EU PS Store

Now that Bloodborne is globally available, Sony EU has released a Bloodborne theme which is currently free for PS Plus owners. The theme called ‘City of Yharnam Theme’ is a static Bloodborne theme and is 13MB in size.

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Griever1757d ago

After a quick glance at the headline for a second I thought they were getting free Bloodborne. lol

MasterCornholio1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )



Im going to download it right now.

Edit: Awww i was expecting it to be a little more dynamic.


Jedislayer1757d ago

Why does Europe always get the cool stuff D;

Viryu1757d ago

Does anyone know if it does have a custom music theme, like the free FFXIV theme? It was very awesome, and with one Bloodborne's theme would be truly epic.

IIFloodyII1757d ago

It doesn't, just the regular dashboard music.

jjonez181757d ago

Use the Bloodborne Original Soundtrack on Spotify :)

FullmetalRoyale1757d ago

I have the white Bloodborne theme, and idk if I'd ever change it. I really love it.

nyctophilia131757d ago

I have it too but it's too bright for me. I'm hoping this one comes to the US, looks much darker.

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