Media Create sales (3/30 - 4/5)

Media Create published the latest Japanese hardware/software sales, including the debut of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.

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Geobros1749d ago

I was waiting more sales for Xenoblade to be honest. 3rd Super Robot Wars Z dominates this week for 2 consoles...

stuna11749d ago

I think it's still faily early! Xenoblade may surprise a lot of people with long selling potential.

Gamer19821749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

As great of a game as it is, its not a big seller it wasnt even on the 100 million wii. Thats because its not got hardly any hype nor does it have a big name like Final Fantasy. All my friends who dont play RPGs don't even know it exists. It also won't help that its restricted to only the new 3DS and not everybody will upgrade yet for one game.

Articuno761749d ago

TBH it isn't doing too shabby given that it's only on the New 3DS.

Neonridr1749d ago

Well the game only released on April 2nd, so the numbers only represent half a week worth of sales.

Knushwood Butt1748d ago

Same goes for Robot Wars.

So what?

Neonridr1748d ago

so that means the numbers for both games could be higher.

So people that were disappointed with the sales of Xenoblade might have been a little less disappointed if we saw a full week's worth of sales.

Not to mention it's on an exclusive piece of hardware. Had it released for the regular 3DS I am sure the numbers would have been much, much higher.

I don't know why you brought Robot Wars into this. I never commented on their sales, and from what I can gather, they did very well. It's nice to see a Vita game sell more than 100k copies in Japan.

Spotie1749d ago

Is it that the Vita's doing well, or that everything else has slowed down? In any case, it's doing admirably against the competition, which is good to see. I wish it were being given that same chance here in the West.

Neonridr1749d ago

Vita is doing better in Japan, that's for sure. Some good releases came out recently for it (6 titles in the top 20).

cruzngta1749d ago

look at that Bone....902 sales - almost 1000 in a week....smokin!!!!

Protagonist1749d ago

Once again Bandai Namco all over the chart.

gokuking1749d ago

Sony's going to be heartbroken once Vita starts outselling PS4 for the next couple of months.