Trapped Dead: Lockdown review | Critical Gamer

Critical Gamer writes: Trapped Dead: Lockdown is an attempt at taking the action RPG genre made popular by the Diablo series and injecting it with zombies. Taking on such a task was never going to be easy, as veering too far from the formula would be gambling on Headup Games’ ability to add compelling new mechanics. Adhering too strictly to the formula without the expertise and budget of the Diablo and Path of Exile teams carries its own risks in coming across as a poorly made copycat. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened.

To summarise Trapped Dead: Lockdown as “Zombie Diablo” should be seen as shallow and reductive, but it’s sadly accurate. Though it perhaps gives this game a little too much credit, since it removes all semblance of depth and polish inherent to the Diablo franchise and replaces it with painfully generic undead enemies.

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