Why Nintendo Should Have Supported the Wii for Longer

VGChartz's Stephen Barrett: "The Wii was, in some ways, the biggest phenomenon the gaming industry has ever seen. Despite one’s stance on motion control gaming or how important high-definition visuals were at the time, the little system that could marked a smashing comeback for Nintendo and deserved to exit the market on a much higher note than it did."

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stuna11751d ago

Truthfully I don't think Nintendo stopped supporting the WII! I think the issue was the WII reached market saturation fairly quick, and the nostalgia of the control scheme of motion controls wore off.

Neonridr1751d ago

not to mention it was having a tough time standing up against the vastly superior 360 and PS3 in terms of graphics and horsepower.

XisThatKid1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Really they didn't really stop supporting it. Wii and the Wii U suffered from an identity crisis when Wii U dropped no one knew that it existed (non gamers and the masses). I'm sure Ninty thought if they made something that all the fans would just eat it up anyway especially after the bloated success of the Wii. They can easily make the decision to ween off Wii onto their next product considering it needed MUCH advertising to get outof it's shadow.
If they didn't The Wii U would be struggling alot more today.

FallenRain1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

I think they stopped supporting it at the right time.

As mentioned above, the whole appeal of motion controls wore off (and to be honest, a lot of games didn't utilize those motion controls) and Nintendo wanted to get their console out before MS and Sony. Not to mention a majority of casuals of the Wii crowd moved onto mobile games.

DiscoKid1749d ago

Motion controls were a short-lived fad. The Gamepad lacked appeal, so Nintendo should focus on horsepower this time around and watch the 3rd party support come running.

WheatBread1749d ago

No, they did it at the right time. People got tired of SD graphics and motion controls.