GameSpot E3 08: Wii Music Hands On - Bagpipes and Bongos

GameSpot writes: "One of Nintendo's most promising-looking titles shown at its E3 08 press conference was Wii Music. In Wii Music, players can simulate the music-making experience with a Wii remote, as well as the various peripherals available for the platform. We were able to corner Nintendo's David Young today to get our eager hands on the game, and created music beautiful enough to soothe the savage beast.

One of the instruments you can simulate in Wii Music is a drum kit. In free play mode, we could make as much music and noise with the the drum kit as we wanted. The basic controls are simple: you approximate drumsticks using the Wii remote and the Nunchuk. By pressing the remote's D-pad and the various buttons on the Nunchuk, we could switch among the different drums in the kit. Cymbals, toms, and snare were all represented, so it was only a matter of time before we were angrily pounding on our virtual percussion. Our moves were represented onscreen by a pair of hands beating the set with drumsticks onstage, while an audience of Miis cheered us on. The audience seemed particularly enamored of our cymbal work, cheering vigorously upon each clang."

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