E3 08: Don't like the new 360 dashboard? This video might change your mind

Grim of Destructoid says,

"I'll come right out and say it: when the new Xbox 360 dashboard was unveiled during Microsoft's press conference yesterday, I wasn't really feeling the drastic change in design.

Yes, it's much prettier, more user-friendly, and contains some sweet new community features and Netflix integration, but it's so radically different from the current dashboard which I've grown to love over the years.

That (and the silly avatars) was my biggest concern about the upcoming update, until I saw the walkthrough video above.

Anyone who currently owns an Xbox 360 should be happy to know that the brand new Xbox guide looks almost exactly like today's dash, so you shouldn't have any navigation problems come this fall. "

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Ghoul5619d ago

aehm no... it dint.

in fact this dashboard destroy every last bit of useability the 360 had.
comeon brwosing those huge as coverflow crap is ridicioulos.

i want a sleek menu where i can instantly see what i have and what to do not that pseudo 3d interface ala vista wich is horrible.

truth for gamers5619d ago

hey I like that it looks like vista and actually works, youre just jealous, the new interface rocks, thanks MS.

Linzoid5619d ago (Edited 5619d ago )

Disagrees already! Ok it's the same style but the colour is different!

solidt125619d ago

I like that it looks like Vista Also. I always wondered when are they going to get this interface on the 360.

CrashSharc5619d ago

Look, I'm really all for re designs and innovations, but could MS be any more obvious that they secretly love apple with the way they steal their aesthetics?

poopface15619d ago

but I FUC#en HATE it. Are they really going to thow this avatar crap at us. I dont want it. I want the gamercard, not some Little sims rip off crap. This is what I dont want to happen to xbox. I think microsoft might be retarded.

I watched the rest now. The guide is cool, but completely unnecessary. Do I really need to start watching a netflix movie when im in the middle of a CoD4 game? They could easily mess up the little guide thing. why? cause right now it has all the features right when you press the button: messaging, music, friends. If I have to press left or right ill be pissed.

I guess Ill wait to try it before deciding I already hate it. But I know I hate avatars, cause its ghey.

FordGTGuy5619d ago

Its a white version of the Media Center UI.

Milky5619d ago

I can sense the major freezing when scrolling through the icons fast.

matt19915619d ago

this dashboard looks stupid but i have not seen it in person so what do i no but what will we do with our themes and gamer pics

daveman35619d ago

i have the same concern, i spent probably $10 or so on themes and gamerpics, its not much but they are mine now that i bought them and the least microsoft could do now that they took them away is give me my points back.

also i think that this new interface is completely dumb. i know a ton of my non hardcore gaming friends with 360s will think its the dumbest thing when it comes out.

harrisk9545619d ago

of the PS3's XMB mixed with windows vista.

cito35th5619d ago

innovation? HAHA yea..ok (sarcasm)

Homicide5619d ago

lol. reminds me of XMB. rip off!

thereapersson5619d ago

How is he "jealous"? I don't understand that because he has a different opinion that doesn't coincide with yours, or that he doesn't like the new layout, that makes him a jealous fanboy?

The mentality of some people around here is atrocious!

RevN8r5618d ago

I just needed one more comment to put me over 15000 points, so here it is. :D I love videogaming and N4G has been a great addition to the way I learn about videogames. Thanks to everyone who posts and comments on this site! Even if I don't agree with you, I definitely get a chance to see things from another perspective. Keep up the great work!

StephanieBBB5618d ago (Edited 5618d ago )

Starting cost: 299$ or 29,9£ for the xbox360.

Next in line is subscribtion to Xbox live gold: 59.99$ for 12 month subscribtion package.

Then finally it's the netflix subscribtion: 8.99$ (A month) because I want to have 1 movie download at the time and have no limit to how many I watch a month.

So on my right I have the PS3 which is 399$ and then free of additional cost if I don't choose to buy/rent any movies for 2.99-14.99$ bringing in a total cost of 399$ over the total year plus 2.99 for 1 movie rent once in a while when I feel like it.

Or on my left the xbox360 which has a total cost of 367,98$ as start with gold membership, Then it's an additional cost of 167,87$ A YEAR to keep up with these subscribtions bringing in an cost of 466,87$ over the total year and an additional 167.87$ the next year, and the next, and the next, and the... ya you get my point.

Taking a quick glance at the hardware bit you get last gen technology with dvd9,RROD and battery driven (additional cost for charger and batteries) controls for 466.87$ or next gen technology with blueray-dvd,Cell processor and bluetooth controls for 399$. Hmm tuff choice... or not.

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The Wood5619d ago

but flipped 45 degrees.

Only foreseeable issue i can see is when you have a load of content on your HDD. Folders allowed the xmb to be refined and easier to navigate instead of scrolling through x amount of thumbnails so i'd guess this would do the same. looks slick though. I wonder how many people will just instantly love this though. Either way i think its more intuitive and less cluttered than the blades

FordGTGuy5619d ago

its the twist interface from Media Center not XMB.

RevN8r5619d ago

I didn't suspect this would be such a hot topic! Still, I understand why, and that's why I posted it.

As for the topic at hand, it does seem to be borrowing from a lot of other ideas, and that's not really a bad idea, I just kinda wish they would've made it an optional thing, rather than required. I know that a lot of people (as can be seen in these responses) really like the blade system, and are really not looking forward to the new look. I guess we'll see how it goes when it comes out!

micky_21_uk5619d ago

Can't wait to have a go at the 1 vs 100 that is pretty smart. Good job Microsoft

misterssippi5619d ago

1 v 100 is nothing like Buzz.
But Scene It will be awesome, intuitive and will be much better than Buzz. Just as the 1st Scene It was.

ry-guy5619d ago

I hope we can change color schemes.

Gray is going to get old very very fast.

pav23235619d ago

They will probably let you change colors or themes. At a price of course.

go ahead a disagree, but prove to me that is not the business model.