20 Videogames Ads That Tried Way Too Hard To Be Sexy

"Sex sells," as they say. But sometimes advertisements try way too hard to be sexy. These 20 video game ads are prime examples.

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xHeavYx1749d ago

Some are pretty sexy, some others (mostly Sega) are just creepy.


Sega was crazy back in the days and creepy too

Pogmathoin1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

Some funny, some hit the point, some are stupid.... One is monstrous, sorry, boobs on both sides is disturbing, but seeing the name Domark on one, reminded me I am getting old...... Seriously though, sex with a hot woman or video games? Would give up my hobby right away!

captainexplosion1749d ago

Back when I was kid in the Genesis days I was a big fan and a friend of mine was cast in one Sega's notorious commercials. They gave everyone in the commercial a Genesis. I've never been so jealous.

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