What Forza Motorsport 6 Needs To Get Right

Another year passes by, the new year of 2015 is well under way, and we’ve had an early “out-the-doors” announcement from Microsoft Games Studio – if this is how 2015 will be for games and announcements with Microsoft, then this could be an interesting year! The unexpected (especially in it’s execution) announcement of a new Forza Motorsport’s game: Forza Motorsport 6!

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green1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Motorbikes? Absolutely not.

IMO, these are a few things they need to do:

- Bring back longer races and include fully animated pitstops
- Full dynamic weather and day/night cycle
- Bring back qualifying
- Add more tracks. Track count in F5 is too limited
- Have a different, procedurally-generated career series for each car,or have it return to F4 &F5 career mode
- Bring back hill-climb and auction house
- Improve the incoclpit stering simulation with drivers hands turning up to 2x5 lock to lock depending on the car and steering setup selected
- Add more bodykit options and the inclusion of a rear diffuser
- Ability to see car stats in replay mode and those of others because it helps to create better tunning setups
- More cars on track. WOuld like to see up to 20 and team based so that you train your drivetar and put him in a similar car you have tunned to race in the same race.
- Maybe a career mode were your not just a driver but also a team owner
- Obviously more cars and tunning options

Theres more but no time to type it all lol

KarmaV121745d ago

100% agree with everything you said. I really would love them to bring back the auction house. Nowadays they could do some great things with that feature.

Septic1745d ago

Above ALL that you've typed, I would put realistic destruction on there. GRID did it really well and the Forza games just have rubbish destruction imo. Just odd deformitites and scratches.

I want exhausts scraping on the ground, wheels flying off, body panels getting smashed realistically, bumpers flying all over the place.

I know manufacturer consent is one issue but hey, others have done it far better before.

Naga1745d ago

I agree that it would be wonderful to see that sort of carnage. And while we've seen it done better in other games, I don't think I've ever seen that pulled off in a game with anywhere near this volume of car selection.

The biggest difficulty, presuming they could surmount the hurdle of obtaining manufacturer consent, would be applying those kinds of destructive physics accurately to each model of vehicle. That would entail modeling the subframe, crumple zones, etc. A middle-ground could probably be struck somewhere in there, but it would still be pretty difficult to do with every single one of the hundreds of vehicles.

TheCommentator1745d ago

The TOCA series did it well back in the day. I miss that and Colin McCrae (which sadly became Grid and Dirt).

dumahim1745d ago

The biggest issue I've had with the last couple of Forza games is track selection in the campaign. The variety is horrible. You try to work through all the events and you're stuck in a rut playing the same tracks over and over again and almost never see some versions of tracks. They need to quit being afraid of letting B and A class cars run on longer versions of a track.

Elit3Nick1745d ago

To add to that:

-Car meet like club house where you can view and try out other member's cars
-More race cars of various types (DTM, Super500, F1s across various decades, etc)
-Give xp and cash bonuses for playing in specific race class lobbies, this means less people with 1000hp JDMs in R2/R1 lobbies
-Endurance races, where you can swap with an A.I. or with maybe a friend during pit stops

otherZinc1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Extra stupid article from an make believe Forza Motorsport player. Here are several things that Forza Motorsport 5 players know for a fact of liars like this s**t author:

Micro Transaction Myth:
They aren't needed to progress through Forza Motorsport 5!, it isnt. I have more than 750 Achievement Points & bought absolutely Nothing! Stop lying!

This would be a good addition. However, you reference terrible Drive Club that has invisible walls, stupid AI, 50 cars, no modes, no real world tracks, 30fps etc..., Project Cars isn't out & full of delays, Horizon 2 great game but different at least it's open world & made by Turn 10.

Cars & Tracks at launch:
LMAO! Are you serious? Over 200 cars at launch, real world tracks, regular & exotic cars. You mentioned the Great Nurburgring not being present at launch...really, it was made from the ground up for next-gen! Unlike the PS2 cars & Tracks found in GT6! Turn 10 gave us Nurburgring & a California Formula 1 track for fre r after launch! STFU!

Concept Cars:
The all new 2016 Ford GT is on the cover of:
Forza Motorsport 6! You sound stupid Mr author.

Proper Engine Sounds:
Forza Motorsport is the most authentic down to the friggin tires. Yeah, Turn 10 actually studied tires to an extent that the president of a tire company didn't know performances of its own damn tires! Again, you & your site sound more stupid.

GTFOOH with this crap!
Play Moto GP, great series.

Longer Career:
LMAO! You're kidding? Forza Motorsport 5 is soo long, I haven't raced all the events yet & it isnt extensive as Forza Motorsport 4. However, I realize Forza Motorsport 5 is a better race, better looking, & runs at a locked 1080p 60fps that no other racer can match!

One thing about Turn 10 & the Forza Motorsport Series, it always gets better with each iteration; you can bank that!

What I'd like for ForzaMotorsport 6:
NASCAR cars & NASCAR tracks.
Everything else will come, it always does with Turn 10.

Also, Forza Motorsport 6 will be using Windows 10 & DirectX 12. I'm looking forward to 1080p 60fps Locked for Forza Motorsport 6 this fall 2015!

3-4-51745d ago

Auction House needs to make a return.

Such a cool feeling taking like 30-45 minutes to paint a car and then sell it at the auction house.

Go race a few, then come back and see you have $20,000 waiting for you.

* Certain cars will be $50,000 but then that person who has awesome skills locks an amazing paintjob to that car and it goes to a $200,000 car.

It's cool though because that paint job is more unique then. You feel like you had to earn it.

* Also, you could then sell any of your cars.

It was just such a cool feature that not many games has and it's shame why they removed it.

* Who cares if those 6 people over there cheated somehow and gifted eachother all the best cars.

90% of us Won't be doing that and actually want to earn the money for the cars.

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kraenk121745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

I'd say implement dynamic lighting and weather systems, add more tracks, cars and some additional driving modes and we are good. I could wish for no micro-transactions and more realistic looking shaders but not gonna keep my hopes up.

Basically just release the game Forza 5 should have been from the get go.

RJ920091745d ago

Love me some forza! I would love if they added a Garage mode that u could walk around and look at your car's kinda like pgr witch I also love and hope they make a new one I mean kudos are great lol

weirdo1745d ago

i don't play forza but i want it to succeed. they should defo use the driveclub setup of a zero-lag, locked 30fps. this would accommodate stunning graphics and an immense sense of speed!

Elit3Nick1745d ago

30fps is unacceptable for a sim racer, in a game where precision cornering is key, having half the FPS means that you are more likely to make a mistake in between frames. The same is true with competitive shooters.

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