Wii U: the 16 games that show Nintendo's machine is no failure

TG: "The latest Nintendo console may have fallen behind the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but here’s why it’s no slouch.''

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1754d ago

It been awhile since I've seen Wii U articles like this.

3-4-51753d ago

* The level of pure fun I have playing games on Wii U is akin to how it was in the 90's.

Something about a good Nintendo game gets me really into gaming and not worrying about all the other BS that the media wants us to fuss over.

* I just turn the game on, start playing, and almost always with a permasmile of some kind.

* Nintendo isn't 3rd party, so they LITERALLY can't make 3rd party games to support themselves.

* See all the Nintendo backed or made games on Wii U ?

How many does Sony have invested in it's own console ?

PS4 RELIES on 3rd party support, where as Nintendo's consoles are self sustaining.

The Media wants you to make a bigger deal out of it because they have personal relationships/investment with the people who would make money off of you thinking that.

mikeslemonade1753d ago

With that logic the Dreamcast and Gamecube weren't failures either. Every system has a list of good games.

DougLord1753d ago

Everyone knows it is not a failure in terms of quality 1st party exclusives. It is a failure in terms of blockbuster AAA 3rd party titles and in terms of hardware sales. Fortunately Nintendo has a business model that allows it to make $$ on each console sold, so its not like low sales jeopardize the company - its just that they could be doing ALOT better.

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jackmamma1753d ago

Splatoon? its not even out yet.

KryptoniteTail1753d ago

The machine itself is pure fail. Online infrastructure, hardware, GamePad connectivity issues, you name it. It's trash. The games that are out, few they be, are awesome but they could be better. Mario games could all go online, for example, and obviously the issues I listed earlier are highly restrictive.

But fanboys gunna fan...

DragoonsScaleLegends1753d ago

Well when it comes to 3D World and Tropical Freeze they are far from being the top in each of their respective series. But I've hardly ever had online issues while they were frequent on my PS4 for a while. I've also had no Game Pad connectivity issues.

Concertoine1753d ago

I thought Tropical Freeze was amazing. Im not sure if youre referring to sales with that statement, but i think its completely acceptable as one of the best games of the series

DragoonsScaleLegends1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )


Well coming from someone who has only played through the original Donkey Kong Country several times and loved it, this game was a major let down for what I was expecting. Donkey Kong had way to much weight added to him and as a result I couldn't judge jumps correctly and overall the gameplay was not fun at all for me. I also didn't like some of the controls but I can't explain in detail what I don't like because I've forgotten since it was the day the game released that I played it. Also the swimming was horrible in my opinion. I can't compare this game to previous 3D Donkey Kong games since I've only played the original 2D games but coming from them to this I thought it was a major downgrade. I liked the fact that it used some of the original Donkey Kong Country music but that's about the only thing I like about it. Well I guess that the fact they had a few cut-scenes was cool but it would have been cooler if they had voices in them like the original tv show.

poppinslops1753d ago

How is the WiiU a failure?

Yeah, it hasn't sold like the Wii, but it still makes money.
Besides which, Nintendo's best-sellers are first-party games (which means more $$$), the 3DS sales are great (big $$$) and their franchises are going to mobile (really big $$$).

Zelda delays make people crazy.

curtis921753d ago

Dude it's not even selling as much as the PS3. What exactly would constitute a failure to you? I'm not trolling, just curious.

BudokaiGamer1753d ago

Virtual Boy...that's what constitutes a failure...

Technically, if you think the Wii U is a failure, then the GameCube was as well. But everyone supposedly "loves" it! I remember when everyone else hated it...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1753d ago

Please direct me to where it said that a console must sell as much or better than a system?

Spotie1753d ago

Most of your comment has nothing to do with the Wii U.

It's a failure because it's already bringing up the rear this generation. We all know, no matter how much we love or hate or are indifferent to Nintendo, that they NEVER intended for it to do anything but be the frontrunner for this generation. Therefore, it is definitely a failure.

That's okay, though. The Dreamcast was a failure, too; didn't stop it from having some awesome games. With Bayonetta, SMTxFire Emblem, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and others, the Wii U will have the games.

But, as least as it pertains to the gaming industry, a failure or success is determined by how well something sells.

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