Advanced Warfare: Exo Zombies Infection Review

MWEB GameZone writes: " Exo Zombies, the survival based game mode, is about to get even more intense with the introduction of the second episode: Infection.

Infection adds a brand new map, a civilian rescue round based mode and a massive boss that wants nothing more than to rip you apart. You better be ready for some adrenaline-fueled action that will leave you frustrated, frightened and foaming for more."

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lord zaid1746d ago

Enough with the zombies. Can we please get some dinosaur action.

1745d ago
SonZeRo1746d ago

more zombies in exo suits, zombies are not meant to be fast.

CongoKyle1746d ago

How about you come by the cave again and I teach you a thing or two about surviving Zombies?

Sillicur1746d ago

Nice review, just wish you didnt have to pay for the zombie mode like in [email protected]

bohemian 231746d ago

I think they used the age old " it wasn't ready for launch" excuse. It was sure ready for that first paid DLC though.

Majin-vegeta1745d ago

Zombie army trilogy is leagues above this zombies.