Suikoden III Launching Next Week On The Japanese PSN As A PlayStation 2 Classic

Suikoden III, the third entry of the role playing game series developed by Konami, is going to be released on the Japanese PSN soon as a PlayStation 2 Classic release.

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slinky1234561748d ago

I played both the first 2 when they released in NA PSN. I enjoyed the first one overall more with it's age respectively. The second one had great improvements, but not enough for me to say it was better than the first(like the change of war battles, so boring! *GIANT FACEPALM)

If they put PS2 classics on PS4 or PSTV soon I would get this if it comes to NA. A generation leap I would think would be that much better.

dark-kyon1747d ago

This need to happen in the west also.