Evolving Evolve - Full Release Content Evolve Review | AusGamers

AusGamers waited until the first round of full content for Evolve was released ahead of their full review, and writes:

"The two obvious culprits here are environment and deep-ends. The environments in which I played most of the game pre-release were ideal setups with good connections and rooms full of people yelling and screaming at one another. Evolve is a social game; it requires teamwork on one end and sledging on the other. And in its current environment that just likely isn’t happening -- at least not with random matchmaking. It’s an unusual situation because the pedigree here is PC, where LANs and asymmetry do make a lot more sense. If you consider console and what’s the norm there, it’s run-and-gun 12-year-olds smashing older people like me in Call of Duty (at least they sledge, though, I suppose). And that’s where deep-ends come in, because run-and-gunningclawing at heavily armoured humans capable of even mildly working out a base strategy for dealing with a boss creature in co-op, is not a fun way to learn the ways of the monster."

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