MGO Expands With "GENE": An Analysis

Ripten writes: "The recent additions of Team Sneaking and Headshot Only modes to Metal Gear Online is just the beginning, since the first of the expected expansion packs is only a few days away. Let's talk about what's included, how it indicates some promising MGO evolution and why maybe the price (if it can't be free) isn't as bad as it could be.

Originally, Metal Gear Online was possibly going to be a separate game. Thankfully, Kojima Productions wisely gave everyone who purchased MGS4 a good taste of the basics that MGO had to offer in the form of the starter pack-touting coming expansions packs that would add lots more content for those wanting it.

Information on the first of these expansion packs, entitled GENE, has been posted by Konami. As they previously discussed, they look to be hitting all categories with this expansion by adding new characters, maps, a play mode, new customizability and an extra character slot."

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donator3967d ago

Some other N4G user said it was $20. Ripten says it might be around $10. I would pay around $10 for it, but not $20.