Resistance Retribution Debut Trailer

The trailer which gripped Playstation Portable fans during Sony's E3 press conference for Resistance Retribution has now been made available on the internet.

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2pac-untouchable3966d ago

best portable game ever and only on the sony brand

CaptainHowdy3966d ago

they dont play well on the psp

Whoooop3966d ago

This looks better than the Wii.

FAQS3966d ago

A: AH AH AH AH ...So true!!

Sitris3966d ago

One of the best announcements at E3 this was to me!

I'm lost for words at how pumped i am for this game! Sony is still getting FF13 and so is the 360 and meh who cares the people that get the game and experience the game the better everyone should play a good game! This my friends will be a good game for the PSP!

PSN ID: Sitris

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