Is Bloodborne's Difficulty A Turn-Off Or...A Universal Lure?

Much has been made about the game's steep difficulty. It has undoubtedly intimidated a lot of people, but has it also drawn us in?

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Aloy-Boyfriend1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

I would say a Universal Lure to an addictive-yet-painful experience. it was what Miyasaki wanted in the first place, and I think it worked.

FarEastOrient1752d ago

It was a lure to me because I got tired of all the "hand holding" we call modern gaming.

Ezz20131752d ago

What with those articles ??!

i never see any of that about Dark Souls games
was those two games before was soo damn easy
that the gaming media didn't see BloodBorne being difficult

or simply because this game is exclusive
so that make it a target ?!

miyamoto1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Like what Nirvana did to rock music in the 90s the video gaming industry is in timely need of a game that will kick its ass and that game is BLOODBORNE!
A revolution has begun.
Japanese developers are on thw rise to invade the west the 2nd time since PSX debut.
Jpan is back with PS4 and Bloodborne.

joab7771752d ago

It's about as difficult as other Soul's games I think, assuming you don't run into the memory leak (or whatever) I got it on 3 bosses and it pissed me off.

The trick is to find the playstyle you like and level correctly. And DO NOT covet your souls. You can farm them anytime you want.

I do think certain decisions were made in order to keep the difficulty but make it more appealing to everyone. The gorgeous grains and brutal cool trick combat are alluring. The heavy rpg elements aren't there like Soul's games (unless you want them to be, meaning min/maxing different builds etc).

I think it is about the finest line From could have walked to make Soul's players happy while also being a PS4 AAA exclusive. Quite impressive actually. Some will be disappointed, but there's dlc to come. Let's see if it cters to vets

Snookies121752d ago

People like a good challenge. Instant gratification has a good feeling to it, but it's nothing like achieving something you thought you couldn't overcome.

Bobby Kotex1752d ago

As frustrating as the Souls games are, there's just so much gratification after beating a boss or even getting the next bonfire/lamp.

SmielmaN1751d ago

Oh ya. For almost 2 days I couldn't get Rom past 50% health, then last night I just just had a great rhythm and beat him while my wife slept next to me. I was giving all kinds of whisper shouts at the tv and a few fist pumps (at the tv ;).

I was really getting frustrated then something just clicked. I have a +8 cannon and +6 ax and tontris. The tontris did it for me and I managed to get 4 cannon shots from using blood bullets and constant healing. I got a bit lucky but man I was happy. The next area is killing me with the respawing enemies but I may go back to the martyr and hope to finally get past him too.

starcatcher1752d ago

LURE FOR SURE! Actually Bloodbourne was a bit more forgiving to players... Compared to Dark souls 1... And Demon Souls! Have not played DS2 yet. Trading my ps3 copy for a ps4 one.

edqe1752d ago

People who has played games since 80s hardly can say Bloodborne is a difficult game, but it is more difficult than other AAA games done these days.

KwietStorm1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Don't be silly. I've been gaming since Intellivision, and I love the Souls series, but it doesn't mean they aren't difficult, Bloodborne included. That's the whole design. They're difficult games. They're just not unfairly difficult or challenging to the point that it's bad design.

edqe1752d ago

Hmmh, well I think it is more difficult than other AAA games these days but I'm not convinced it is more difficult than many other games in the market.

Games like BG, IWD, Nethack, etc. are much difficult RPGs than Souls series at least to me. Especially if played in a "right" way - Iron Man with highest difficulty level. Souls series is very forgiving. Newer RPGs like TW, TES, DA, etc. feels more "casual" and easy (easier to sell more).

Of course it is a bit hard to compare to other games from different genres but for example strategy, manager, 4X, etc. games feels much more difficult to me to master and "survive".

KwietStorm1752d ago

I can't agree or disagree with your second post, because I have no idea which games all those abbreviations are for.

andresegr1752d ago

I believe the abbreviations are for:

TW = The Witcher
TES = The Elder Scrolls
DA = Dragon Age
BG = Baldur's Gate
IWD = Icewind Dale

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