MONG Podcast - 78 - Will We Ever See An Uncharted Collection?

On this week’s MONG Podcast, the team discussed some of this week’s biggest gaming news like Quantum Break’s delay, Amazon possibly saving Crytek, Yokai Watch coming west, all of the Nintendo Direct news, and The Witcher 3’s expansions.

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mushroomwig1752d ago

I hope so although I can understand why people are starting to get a little sick of remasters now.

Aloy-Boyfriend1752d ago

I don't want it because Uncharted multiplayer will feel outdated on PS4. Let Uncharted remain a PS classic and focus entirely on making U4 the best Uncharted and a great epic finale for Drake.

showtimefolks1752d ago

Uncharted collection coming this fall, this way all the gamers who switched from xbox to ps4 can get to play the whole series and than enjoy the 4th one when it comes out

osborn20091752d ago

The trilogy is on PS Now, so technically they can still enjoy it. This may be Sony's mindset on the matter, which is why the question was asked on the podcast.

magiciandude1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Not likely. Instead, they would release each game as separate packages at $40 a piece in my opinion.

poppinslops1752d ago

Yeah, look at the (most recent) God of War Remasters... it's inevitable.

Eventually I'll buy a PS4 - if only for the PS3 games I never played... now I'm just waiting on these and Ni no Kuni.

I get the feeling I won't be waiting long.

Aloy-Boyfriend1752d ago

Lol @ what you two are saying above.

Releasing every Uncharted game remastered as separate would be something stupid and would take years. God of War 3 makes sense because it wasn't included in the GoW Saga on PS3, and it's the best and it doesn't need the other games to fully understand what's going on. Newcomers don't have to fear anything and get into the series before GoW 4 comes

poppinslops1752d ago

Okay, so what about 'God of War: Ascension'?

What's the point of remastering a prequel if you're not going to do the same for the main-event?

Either they're not remastering GoW 1 and 2, or they are and they're selling 'em seperately... either way, it's greedy.

magiciandude1752d ago


"God of War 3 makes sense because it wasn't included in the GoW Saga on PS3, and it's the best and it doesn't need the other games to fully understand what's going on."

This GoW Saga includes GoW III

It's also 20 dollars tops, for 5 games. GoW 3 Remastered will be 40 dollars for just the one game. Talk about a ripoff. Then again Sony is in dire need of money right now so they are going to milk their games for every red cent its worth, and nobody should feel surprised they would released the Uncharted games in separate packages.

showtimefolks1752d ago

problem with all digital that people are so anxious to want

Jalva1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Everyone keeps saying there should be an Uncharted collection so that all the people who didn't own a PS3 could play them, but now that the Uncharted games are on PS Now they can play them without having to have the entire trilogy remastered.

poppinslops1752d ago

PSNow isn't available in most places, plus it's only viable for those who can get/afford a badass internet connection.

osborn20091752d ago

It still may be Sony's mindset on the matter. If its technically out there and available, why waste resources? Who knows.