The Last of Us' Intro Reimagined as an Early-'90s Arcade Game

Ever wondered what Naughty Dog's hit action-adventure game The Last of Us would look like if it was an early 1990s arcade title? Now you can find out, thanks to animator John Meehan. *Spoilers for TLOU's prologue*

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Ezz20131746d ago

Yeah, that looked awesome indeed

johndoe112111746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

1: Whoever did that had way too much time on their hands.

2: That was soooo freaking awesome :)

Relientk771746d ago

The song at the end is great

Testfire1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Yes, I need that song...found it. Damn, couldn't get link to work.

blakstarz1746d ago

Ha...pretty cool in a "Double Dragon" sort of way :)

StormLegend1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

10/10 perfect!!!! I swear that's awesome.

When they hit the ground, it mades the same sounds as when you die in Contra.

22CobraKing1746d ago

This guy that made this deserves an award.

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The story is too old to be commented.