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"Battlefield: Hardline is a dumb game, both in a literal sense and in a ‘dumb fun’ kind of way (a term usually reserved for media with little substance that nonetheless entertains – provided you can turn your brain off for a few hours). Hardline treads a thin line between the two, mixing some baffling design choices and comically bad writing with some genuine, and often ridiculous, fun. It’s an uneven game for sure, not least in the execution of its brand spanking new cops and robbers motif. While this novel change of pace may set Hardline up for a more low-key outing than the rest of the franchise’s brash military hoo-rah, first-time Battlefield developer Visceral Games has still found time to cram its police tale full of Michael Bay-esque action sequences, a healthy plethora of explosions and absurd tank sections, and even a fight with a full-sized alligator, guaranteeing the nought-to-dumb ratio never wavers too far from the latter end of the scale.

I kind of like it." - Thunderbolt

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JoGam1747d ago

I swear this game need fixing. Its fun until you jump out a car and get stuck between it and a object....Or the hit detection. Soo annoying.

Evil-Gouki1747d ago

I don't think most maps suit 64 players as most maps are far too small. I mostly play on conquest small. Still dumb fun sounds about right.

JoGam1747d ago

Exactly. Something is just not right about Hardline. I think the maps are too small for the amount of players. Sometimes you'll spawn in just to die instantly. Plus the hit detection is off.

seanpitt231747d ago

This is the only battlefield I havnt bought since bad company. It just didn't win me over to buy it. Looks more like a new skin mod then a new battlefield game.

Smoking_Barrels1746d ago

What we need is another WW2 BF,I wanna shoot nazis lol .
With the direction shooters are going (exoskeletons? I'm not 11) I'm soon gonna lose interest,the hardline campaign was a joke and the mp has lost all sense of grand battles.It feels more like cod than ever before.