Magicka 2 Coming to PS4 and PC Next Month

If you’re excited about the coming sequel to Magicka, here’s some good news for you – it’s just a few weeks out.

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ROQFrost1750d ago

Definitely going to buy

Stevefantisy1750d ago

The first was great can't wait to pick this up on my ps4

JoeIsMad1750d ago

I'm stoked to find it on PS4. Sucks it's not on the Xbone, but I'm a PlayStation guy, so it works out for me.

NeverHeavyMan1750d ago

Eh, doesn't really "suck" that it's not on a competing machine. Every game can't be on every system.

OT: I'll probably be checking this out for PC.

Der_Kommandant1750d ago

I loved Helldivers so this is a must buy for me.

BoNeSaW231750d ago

I loved Helldivers until being forced to fight in the campaign and certain enemies, by the developers! Why no offline play or skirmish mode on any planet I want, fighting whatever enemy I choose?

MysticStrummer1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

You can play 1-4 players offline against any enemy you want, but your results won't count toward the overall war.

OT - Nice!

Jacktrauma1749d ago

Magicka 1 was awesome and Helldivers is amazing, cant wait to see how this goes! :D