Opinion: Top 5 Picks for Super Smash Bros DLC Roster

Last week, Nintendo unveiled a Smash Bros Fighter Ballot webpage, where fans can enter for future roster additions. Here are 5 picks that would add some extra punch to the game.

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DDDGirlGamer851757d ago

Did they do a video about this months ago>

FallenRain1757d ago

I hope Banjo & Kazooie make it.

BudokaiGamer1757d ago

1) WOLF - I can kinda see him coming back. Everyone wants him even though they complained when he was in Brawl and then 3 characters had the same final that would happen again...if only Falco had an Arwing final smash instead. But he may come back as well, I thought Lucas wouldn't come back since Ness has customs that are like Lucas' standard specials.

2) WALUIGI - He's an assist trophy, so noway. Maybe next time my friend! P.S. - didn't people complain about there being too many Mario characters already?

3) KNUCKLES - That would be cool, I could see that happening. If not him then Tails. But I'm not sure if they want to use multiple characters from third party series or not. I'd personally rather have more first parties instead, but not a bad idea.

4) GABRIEL BELMONT - Simon would be a better fit since he was actually on the Nintendo Castlevania games. He would have to come with an alternate skin that make him look like he did in Captain N though haha.

5) GOEMON - I think other characters would just be better. He was pretty popular in Japan, so that would be nice for them to get a character other than Lucas since we got Little Mac. But I still think someone else would be better.

6) BANJO & KAZOOIE - Ok...I like Banjo, I really do. But Nintendo isn't going to jump through hoops to get a character that they don't even own anymore and is solely on Xbox now. If Rare came back home, then I could see it happening. I'll wait until that day comes before I expect B&K in Smash.

sklorbit1757d ago

Agreed, can only see Wolf and Knuckles, the rest no way.