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Dealspwn: "Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin is so much more than a remaster. Not only have From Software brought a masterpiece to current-gen consoles with a huge amount of content, significantly improved visuals and a delightful performance bump, but they've also radically rebalanced it to challenge veterans while giving newcomers a smooth new way into the fearsome franchise.

Be in no doubt: Dark Souls II is still a masterpiece, or more accurately Drangleic is."

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bggriffiths1746d ago

Still got a lot of Bloodborne to go yet, but I may take a look at this as I missed it first time around. I'm a sucker for better visuals and extra DLC too.

Blues Cowboy1746d ago

Heh, it might feel a bit slow and even kinda relaxing after Bloodborne.

Not in a bad way. Drangleic is kinda serene and haunting rather than oppressive, it's a place that's more about quietly dying beauty rather than terror.