How Bloodborne’s Difficulty Can Be Summarized by One Enemy

PlayStation LifeStyle writes: Bloodborne has one enemy that perfectly summarizes the game's immense, but manageable difficulty.

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BG115791752d ago

Well, the crows do summarize pretty well the difficulty.
It's the later "crows" that summarize the ambiance of the game. When you thought things couldn't get worse.

1Victor1752d ago

6 paragraph article with 7 clicks to read it 😡 pass don't even bother with the first click

Exari1751d ago

no one should talk about how easy the game is until he faces the abhorrent beast in a chalice dungeon.

Ikonic1751d ago

Hated that sob. Took me like an hour to kill. Just gotta be patient with it and not get over zealous attacking!

MasterCornholio1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Well if you hated the crow from Dark Souls this game is perfect for you.

Crow "Bring me shiny shiny"

Me " How about a polished axe?"

- Destroys crow-

nitus101751d ago

Err that was from Demon's Souls in the first area of the Shrine of Storms. Ok there is one giant crow in Dark Souls that you can trade with later on in the game but it is very useful for flying you to the Undead Asylum and back.

Mouktouk1752d ago

Well, I have to admit, I'm quite surprised about all those articles regarding Bloodborne's difficulty, because I don't find it that hard. Sure, it's challenging, and I died plenty of times, but I still find it much easier than Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, thanks to those healing mechanics.

While normal mobs are quite easy to deal with, bosses can sure be a pain in the arse, but I still don't find Bloodborne particularly hard, and I hope I'm not alone to think that.

fenome1752d ago

I literally just beat it, now I've gotta find out how to get the 'true' ending. The game does provide a really good challenge, especially the later parts of the game, but it's not overwhelmingly difficult. Even my wife is addicted to it right now. I didn't even think she'd pick up the controller on this one because she hates demon's souls and dark souls. She just beat the cleric beast and fought Father G once last night. He kicked her ass pretty hard, so now she wants to grind and level up before trying him again

1752d ago
fenome1752d ago

Yeah, I just looked that up (it's not Father G though, but we'll keep it at that for no spoilers :)

I think I only got the one umbilical last time from killing the wet nurse and I didn't eat it. This time I want to find and kill everything before I finish it :D

Becuzisaid1752d ago

You are not alone. Bloodborne it's a challenge in patience and endurance. It does test your skills, but is always manageable.

To me, "hard" is Ninja Gaiden on NES, or better yet, Battletoads. Those are just damn unfair.

SpinalRemains1381752d ago

Some of the dungeons are much harder than the game itself. I'm in one now and its so hard its funny. Literal mobs in every room. Powerful NG+ mobs.

Game is no joke. Love it.

Perjoss1752d ago

2 hour session tonight during which I died twice, and I spent at least 45 mins of that time exploring an area I had never visited before so I had no idea what to expect, apart from a little help from the 'ambush ahead' notes :P

BeardedPriest1751d ago

Have you fought the Blood Letting Beast?

Gatsu1751d ago

I think that damn thing ate my head off yesterday :O ...

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fenome1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

I don't think the crows are transformed dogs, the later crows with dog heads and dog with crows heads seem more like sick horrific experiments to me. Like someone transplanted the heads of the dogs onto the crows and vice-versa, that's my take on it anyways...

I would say Father G is a good example of one enemy summarizing up bloodborne. Expect the unexpected and it's your first proper taste of a true challenge.

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