Is Yo-Kai Watch Primed to be the Next Pokémon?

Batten down the hatches, Nintendo has announced that Yo-Kai Watch is coming to the west and it has all the makings of another Pokémon-like craze.

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yuukiliu1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

A children's game based off of mythical Japanese monsters that kids in the west have no clue about? Not likely to be as big as Pokemon. The story is good, the side quests are plentiful but the combat gets old fast.
I haven't played the second one but the first one just didn't quite do it for me(combat wise). You fight with 3 monsters out of your party of 6 on a wheel. You spin the wheel to choose which you want. All fighting is out of your control except each monster has a special attack (the best part of the combat) that you activate and play a mini game(break the glass, burst the bubbles, trace the letters etc.) Great for kids. Gets repetitive for me though. Perhaps if they had more variety.
Finding monsters to fight and capture is also a little frustrating. Low ranked monsters are easy to find, but some monsters are nearly impossible to find. And capturing monsters is basically a game of chance. Feed them food they like(which I had to use a guide to figure out because they didn't tell me anything in the game) *maybe japanese kids just know more about the monsters than i do* and they have a better chance of becoming your friend.
Monsters can transform by leveling them up or by combining a monster with a certain item or another monster. Some of the monsters are pretty cool.
I had a fun time with the first game though, 35 hours the last I checked. But I just don't see it being a huge hit in the west. It has lots of similarities to Pokemon, but it's a little dumbed down(especially the combat)

dafegamer1757d ago

the same could be said for pokemon when it first arrived in western countries

yuukiliu1757d ago

The difference is that this game is 100% for kids. Living in Japan during this huge craze, you cannot convince me otherwise. Back when Pokemon released in the west did kids have smartphones? Tablets? Minecraft? Pokemon? Skylanders? Etc etc. The 3ds is way more popular in Japan for young kids than it is in the west. In fact, this game bombed until they released the anime almost 6 months after release. That is when it started getting very popular. Last time I checked, western kids don't read as much manga or watch as much anime as Japanese kids do. I'm not bashing this game at all despite all the disagrees I got for posting my opinion(one that happens to know all to well the popularity of this craze). Did Inazuma Eleven(this game/show was very popular with Japanese kids for a while) become a huge hit in the west? How about danboru wars? No? Made by the same developer, with the same cross media marketing. It might become popular, but it won't surpass Pokemon or Minecraft. If they made it for smart phones in the west it would have a chance.

lockedongamer11757d ago

I hope not. I want Level-5 to keep making RPG's like Dragon Quest VIII and Ni No Kuni.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1757d ago

Yokai Watch is a more successful Ni No Kuni

Xof1757d ago

I'd love to see more games like DQ8.
But NNK? Not so much.

MegaRay1757d ago

I dont think so. Why? Because they're releasing it in the same system pokemon is on. That's a little dumb if they're in it to compete

housegroove761757d ago

Unless you live here in Japan or follow the game you have no clue how popular Youkai Watch is. It's everywhere and on everything. Drinks, snacks, posters, food, toys, videos, comics, commercials, pajamas, regular clothes, tissues, models, bed sheets and it goes on and on. The movie that came out in November is still playing in the theater.

It also has a toy watch that you can put medals (actually plastic discs)into. when you do so, it plays some music and that Youkai says their name.

The medals have all the Youkai from the game that you can scan with your 3DS and get in-game items. The legendary medals you can't even buy, you have to enter a lottery for a chance to get one and when people sell them, I've seen prices as high as 250 dollars.

It is by far the highest selling IP that level 5 has and I'm honestly surprised it's taken so long to get a release in the west.

contradictory1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

oh yeah, i know this game because Tomato streamed it at one point and did a "live translation" it seemed like something i'd get if localized..

..oh, and i just readt that it is indeed gonna get localized! that pleases me.

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