Head of Sony Korea gets Served Playing Bloodborne English Subtitles (Parody)

The head of Sony Computer Entertainment Korea Shiro Kawauchi streams himself playing Bloodborne and gets totally served. He makes no bones about his dissatisfaction with From Software's game in this video which shows him dying again and again.

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LOL_WUT1756d ago

"I am the big cheese in the office here when it comes to gaming so, I am going to demonstrate my gaming skills"

*Rolls footage of him constantly dying* ;) Pretty funny parody

cleft51755d ago

That guy has a great sense of humor. Takes a lot of guts to actually put yourself out there like that, especially for an executive. Very fun video, exactly what I would expect from Sony. This is why I love my ps4 right now.

UKmilitia1755d ago

this is why i love sony.
keeping it real

Spotie1755d ago

lol, "No more money for these devs."

Ginn1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

No way was he actually cussing that much.

And such poor stamina management... And no heals...

ger23961755d ago

Lol, that was hilarious.