Dissecting Nintendo’s Control Battle with YouTubers

The standoff between Nintendo and YouTube content creators is about to get real harsh.

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rbailey1749d ago

I agree with several of the points made in this piece. Nintendo has a very old fashioned way of thinking and while I agree that they have a right in wanting to own all of the profits made off of their own IPs, they still should at least be willing to work with content creators to increase profits further. This is a logical business strategy that any company would agree with but this is Nintendo and therefore they won't be so easy about working this matter out.

Venomousfatman1749d ago

Nut couldnt there also be a different goal here for Nintendo outside of money. Because logically any company or person would see the potential here with the Youtubers, especailly since so many other companies already have to date. Nintendo, even with all of their resources now, can definitely see that as well. I think they openly chose their actions now because of something that everyone is overseeing because of the obvious reasons that have been stated. Hence why I said it has to be a control thing rather than about money.

Dunban671748d ago

I think you are absolutely right-

But they will find trying to control the internet is easier said than done

3-4-51748d ago

What ELSE is happening is this:

* Media create controversy out of something that really isn't.

The rest of the media could call them out on that BS, but instead, like the cowards they are, they USE it for their own gain to get more hits for themselves by jumping on the bandwagon and keeping the misleading and lies going.

* Media needs to start policing it'self better and start calling out the Frauds,phoneys,fakes, and others who are ruining it for everyone.

REAL issues in gaming are happening. This isn't one of them. It's ANOTHER hyped up by the media idea, that isn't as bad as some of you think it is.

You've just allowed yourselves to get sucked in once again.

It's happened with Sony, Microsoft & Now Nintendo.

It's the same people doing this.

They know what they are doing.

It's intended. It's calculated. It's planned.

uth111748d ago

Nintendo doesn't want all the profits though. They want a cut.

Ironthighs1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

To whoever reads this, please read all of it:

Nintendo does not have to do anything cooperatively with content creators if they do not want to. It does not matter why they disallow people to capitalize off of their hardware/games/content/etc. Nintendo can do what they want with their stuff.

Here's a perspective many people do not seem to think about:
Nintendo creates products and sells them to people. Someone topical like Angry Joe decides to use Nintendo's product to gain popularity, followers, and money. The way Angry Joe wants it, Angry Joe wants to use Nintendo's products to earn himself money and not have to pay Nintendo, the people who provided him the content for his platform. Angry Joe thinks that his "advertising" and "videos about the game" are monetarily equivalent to what Nintendo wants. This is not the case as Nintendo has clearly stated by claiming copyright infringement on Angry Joe's video. The problem here is that Angry Joe ASSUMES his work is what Nintendo wants, but it is not. Now Angry Joe is angrier because Nintendo will not let him make tons of money off of the mere $50 Joe may or may not have spent on the game.

What COULD Nintendo want? Not like it matters, but they COULD just want to get down to brass tacks and get paid, hence their program to take a cut from video makers' revenue. Nintendo could also want to PROTECT their brand by not associating Nintendo with "Angry Joe". Nintendo does not ASK Angry Joe to market for them so why should Angry Joe feel entitled to do so?

This article says there are strong points for either side, however I think there is only one correct side and that is with Nintendo and that any angry youtubers are just self-entitled and delusional. Or they are angry because they can not continue to make as much money. Now if we're asking whether it would benefit Nintendo or not to loosen the reigns on this issue, well, that's another story.

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Romudeth1749d ago

Nintendo needs to get with the times. It's as simple as that.

Venomousfatman1749d ago

Its much more than that and I dont feel its as simple as a lot of people are making it out to be. There's a whole lot more to unpack on the issue.

RPGrinder1749d ago

Plenty of youtubers have no issue with what Nintendo is doing. Angry Joe is a hypocritical and shady guy

Venomousfatman1749d ago

But Angry Joe aside, everyone agrees that Nintendo isnt doing the best thing to be profitable. Is it something more deeper is the question I'm asking everyone.

RPGrinder1748d ago

Nintendo is doing better than anyone else to be profitable. They are actually putting out unbroken games

iamnsuperman1748d ago

Plenty of YouTubers have come out against these policies. Pewdiepie publicly said Nintendo has gone to the bottom of his list and Jim sterling did a whole video about it. Others show their lack of support by not having Nintendo games for let's plays. This is not a popular policy amongst the biggest YouTubers out there and I don't know how you can't see that

uth111748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

so what? there will be less greedy youtubers who can live with a 60% cut of the ad revenue and still make let's plays

Ironthighs1747d ago

You mean that a policy where the Youtubers need to give the product maker a cut of money is making the Youtubers angry?? No way.

Of course people like Pewdiepie, Angry Joe, and other people that rely on other's products to make a living don't like the idea of actually having to pay the product makers money. It means they lose money. What is really happening here is an appeal to their audience's emotions to side with them instead of Nintendo, even though Nintendo is well within their rights to do whatever they want with their products. Just because youtubers were too short-sighted to fathom the possibility that someone might ask for reparations for using their content to make money off of doesn't mean Nintendo or any other company that does this is mean or evil or wrong.

wonderfulmonkeyman1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

Am I the only one here who misses the days when Let's Players did what they do for the love of the games and not for the damned money?
It seems like the moment monetization came into play, the entire situation went straight to hell.
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they can make some extra cash doing what they love.
It's practically every adults dream to have a job they love.
But when it creates incidents like this, where being forced to take just the bigger share of the monetization after a split, instead of the whole pot, results in gamers turning against the very games that they love, I can't help but wonder if we wouldn't be better off seeing Let's Play videos excluded from monetization.

If only to avoid all of this irritating BS...

Venomousfatman1748d ago

Like I said in the editorial. I think Nintendo's motivation is more control over their creations, rather than the money that Let's Players make with their videos. They want to be the ones to have heavy influence on the perception everyone has on their games and IPs.

I think the Content Creators have every right to be upset at how their business is being affected, but its all a double-edged debate on both sides.

jayzablade1748d ago

Spot on Monkeyman!
People create these video's for the love of their hobby and are fortunate enough to be getting paid for it, now Nintendo want a slice of the action they're the one's being accused of being greedy...Pot,Kettle?!

iamnsuperman1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

But it is a job now. It is a form of income. I love teaching (which is why I became a teacher) but I need to get paid. Let's play is like a preformance where their entertainment/editing skills bring in viewers. It isn't just playing games. It is entertainment for people like you and me and those who put in the time end up being a lot better than those quickly put together in their spare time

Bimkoblerutso1748d ago

Nintendo is not just targeting revenue-generating Youtube channels. I have friends that create content for the love of creating content, and they too have had their videos banned.

Again, the question is not whether or not Nintendo has the LEGAL standing to take these videos down or demand royalties. They do.

It's just a dick move because 90% of the videos that are targeted (despite the outcry usually occurring over high-profile, revenue-based channels) are simply fan-created content meant to celebrate the love of the games.

Monster_Tard1748d ago

This really only affects Youtubers that want 100% of the revenue generated by their videos, your friends and other Youtubes that don't care about revenue, can just join Nintendo's Youtube program and post their videos with out problems.

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Software_Lover1748d ago

After a while, Adobe will charge all the people who put up Photoshop tutorials and earn money. Microsoft will charge people who show how to fix a problem with windows. Apple will start charging people who put up the iPhone repair vids. Avid will claim copyright on anyone who puts out pro-tools how-to's. Magazines will not be able to show videos to get clicks and Ad revenue. You can forget the video reviews. Gone.

Yeah, I'm being extra critical but this is where we could be going with this.

SmokingMonkey1748d ago

Nintendo: always innovating.