Deus Ex Designer Warren Spector Talks About Making Justice League Game Following David Jaffe's Tweet

Legendary designer Warren Spector who is known for games as Deus Ex and Thief talks about creating a Justice League game following a tweet from God of War creator David Jaffe. It would seem that Jaffe is also keen on designing/directing a Justice League title.

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gangsta_red1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Justice League Dark!? C'mon Jaffe, we need a proper Justice League game before we could even spin off and consider the D team having their own title.

That's like making an Excalibur game out of the whole X-men universe to choose from.

But I do enjoy seeing the excitement of creativity sparking off these guys.

VER1ON1752d ago

Wouldnt mind playing this. Some deus influences perhaps?

gangsta_red1752d ago

It's definitely interesting, but would people even buy this. Especially with a team that consists of a mainly a lot of names that are not popular with the general audience.

If anything, make a JL game and include the Dark characters as an optional select team.

Hmmmm...I can see a JL game where you could use different incarnations of the team to tackle different enemies and problems. JLI, JL, JLA and JLD...interesting.

-Foxtrot1752d ago

If there is one DC game I want to see it's Constantine by Rocksteady.

Kingdomcome2471752d ago

Never thought of that! Dang you for making me think of something that I'll probably never see happen!

SageShinigami1752d ago

Top down? Ehhhh. Not sure if want. Still, a JL RPG would be cool. SOMEONE needs to get on that. Or a DC RPG that isn't an MMO--that'd be great too.

Bass_fisherman1752d ago

Warren Spector what about an original IP...

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The story is too old to be commented.