Amazon is sending out expired PSN vouchers with Bloodborne bundle

Those who purchased the Bloodborne PS4 bundle on Amazon got an extra surprise.

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overlordror1747d ago

This sucks for anybody who jumped on this amazing deal, but Amazon has some of the best customer service in the business. You'll have no problems getting it fixed if you're one of the people affected by the mistake.

Neonridr1747d ago

agreed. Amazon have been amazing to me in the past when it came to issues, even going out of their way to fix situations that wasn't even their fault.

I have nothing but good things to say about their customer service and agree with you in regards to them sorting it out quickly and painlessly.

Clown_Syndr0me1747d ago

Hell yeah they are.
They gave me a full refund on the release of GTA V because they game didnt arrive that day. It arrived the next day so I got it for free.
I did message them to tell them it had arrived and the refund could be cancelled (it was pending) but a couple of days later it was returned to my bank regardless.

Spartacus101747d ago

The best tax dodgers are also able to offer the best customer service... what a surprise.

Seriously though, people dont have a problem with amazon because its easy to see the tiny benefits of shopping with them rather than everything that could be done had they paid millions in taxes.

and before anyone says, Amazon are rarely the cheapest on anything. The vast majority of their 'deals' are just price matches. People should support the retailers who cut the price, not the ones who copied in fear of being left out.

In the event you cant find the retailer they price matched:

rainslacker1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I know what I've done with the thousands I've saved by shopping with them over the years. They dodged some taxes? The government always get's it's due, and will likely just waste the money on stupid stuff anyhow. The taxes that Amazon "dodged" isn't even a drop in the bucket in the amount of taxes the US government brings in every year.

Amazon will take a loss before they'll give bad customer service. I think it's a silly way to do business to do it on such a publicly large scale, but anyone who shops at Amazon can be confident that they won't be screwed over, even weeks after the initial purchase.

Also, who cares who cut the price first? With amazon, I get free shipping, and no matter where I go I have to pay sales tax now, so might as well go for the cheapest route outside of driving to the store.

That being said, I still shop mostly local. Amazon is for things that I can't drive to within a matter of 20 minutes as I can be rather impatient about some things. I'll also use them for really good deals on some items, because I know if I look at an item once, an insanely good deal on it will show up in my ads or email within the next three months, so I don't have to hunt around.

Spartacus101746d ago

You must be one of the people who get worked up about politicians cliaming petty cash for expenses, yet support companies who dodge millions in tax just because they offered you good customer service (that means they must have screwed over in the first place right?)

Theres other companies who also have good customer service, free delivery and as much as you will hate to admit it, it does matter that other companies offer deals first otherwise Amazon wouldnt budge on their prices and you wouldnt have bought from them either.

rainslacker1746d ago

Nope, I don't get worked up over politics or politicians at all. I'm almost 40, and from what I've experienced, no matter who does what in politics, my life stays pretty consistent. No matter how much crap is going on in Washington, my life goes on, and is rarely affected on a daily basis. The only thing that I've seen a direct effect from is ObamaCare, because now I can get a reasonable rate on health insurance that is worth a damn.

Amazon has never done me wrong. I'm sure other companies have great customer service, but I"m not going to go around and hunt down deals, and don't care if Amazon's price is a price match or not. They inform me of a good deal, I'll get it if it's something I want. Maybe all those other companies should be a little more proactive about marketing so people would know about them, and not expect the customer to go hunt them down when a deal comes up on Amazon.

Anyhow, I assume the tax dodging you're talking about is the thing about them not having to pay sales tax on items sold. If so, then it's actually the customer(me and others) who dodged the tax. Amazon would be required to pay taxes in states in which they have a physical presence, and they didn't really dodge, they just used a loop-hole. The customer is still responsible for paying those taxes in many NC it asks for that information on your tax return.

Spartacus101745d ago

@ rainslacker
If thats what you think then fine, but clearly you dont seem like the person to contemplate the long-term advantages gained from a small short-term investment of time.

The fact remains, theres are cheaper and more eithical retailers out there with better customer service since they will be specialists in what they do unlike Amazon who just flog everything and try and push genuine retailers out.

On a completely unrelated note, I recommend watching X-men days of future past. Great movie.

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Khajiit861747d ago

I am sure it was just an error that Amazon is fixing right now.

Smok911747d ago Show
Jalva1747d ago

Don't know what's funnier, this, forgetting to renew Bloodborne's trademark or losing the 20th anniversary PS4 winners list...

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