Xbox Live Diamond Card: Is It Worth the Money?

It sounded like a plum assignment: Rip a ferocious path of shopping value from one end of San Francisco to the other, armed only with the Xbox Live Diamond Card - "your ticket to discounts and promotions at retailers across the country." Offering insider deals on satellite TV, junk food, golfing greens fees, frozen meat, yachtclub memberships - even new cars! - the Diamond Card represents a real-world reward for all those virtualworld Achievements…free!

Well, it used to be. Gamers must now pay $6.95/year for the privilege of the Xbox Live Diamond membership, and Gamertags no longer appear embossed on the face of the card - a surreal geek perk of the original run of cards. But, hey, what's $7 if it saves you $70, right? The Xbox Live Diamond Card website assures people that the card pays for itself "in just one or two uses!"

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QueefyB3962d ago

of course not what is this a rhetorical question

Ace Killa 083961d ago

ordered one got it in a year after i ordered it now its lost somewhere since i never used it