PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death Talks About Release Date; Teases Skull and Crossbones

On Twitter developer of PS4 Exclusive 'Drawn to Death' teased an animated image for the free-to-play arena shooter and had something to say about the game's release date after.

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PoSTedUP1751d ago

david jaffe soul'd-ed his soul. poor guy. oh look the Abe conspiracy. game looks sick hopefully it comes to vita.

VER1ON1751d ago

Im getting more and more interested in playing this game really. Hope the free-to-play concept is worked out decently.

Rimeskeem1751d ago

This game could come out in the summer?

Is it retail?

ashen1221751d ago

No it's psn only ( free -to- play )

S2Killinit1751d ago

I don't know how I feel about this game. It is free to play though, so i will give it a go to see if its as fun as they claim. looks really unique though, that is for sure.

Adolph Fitler1751d ago

Jesus H Christ Jaffe, just make the game awesome, & charge me a one off price to BUY the damn thing...

jay21750d ago

Best game at the PS experance IMO, and showed Geoff Keiligh or however u spell his name who did the VGA's on the night before how you de reveals hope he learns for the next one, anyway I'll pick this up day one not a COD, BF, RE, recer etc nice breath of fresh air at last.