Bloodborne Review – Fear the Old Blood | The Koalition

Bloodborne looks stunning on the PlayStation 4 with its great level design, atmosphere, and attention to detail which can be seen not only in the environment, but even on the players’ clothing and weapons. This title more than any other before it, is a true system seller which shows the power of Sony’s current-gen console. It also deconstructs and challenges everything players have come to expect from modern video games.

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Venomousfatman1753d ago

Going to pick up the game sometime soon. Almost did when I got my system. Lots of dividing opinions on it, eventually I'll get to seeing myself first hand. Even with my disdain for Souls games, I'll dive in to get better clarity.

Mr Lahey1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Dividing opinions? I haven't seen a single negative review of this game. Both gamers and critics praise it! Don't mind then salty trolls, this game is truly amazing! I love everything about it! Except Martyr Logarius.. He's a total c*nt..

Venomousfatman1753d ago

Dividing opinions come from people talking about the game on podcast, editorials, and more. Not just reviews of Bloodborne. More than a few thoughts on the game from a variety of places.

MysticStrummer1753d ago

The dividing opinions are about whether the game is amazing, great, or only very very good.

If you have disdain for the Souls games I don't see why you'd like Bloodborne, though it is different in a few ways.

2paclives1753d ago

i don't really see theses "dividing opinions". Lots of 9s and lots of love. Damn good game. Best ps4 game to date.

Profexxion1753d ago

Tried to avoid it as long as possible, but I'll be snatching this up pretty soon.

rbailey1753d ago

Definitely a challenging game and also worthy of all the praise it is getting as well. awesome review.