Spencer On Improving Xbox One's UI Speed, DX12, Achievement Sorting, Cross Play And More

The big boss at Xbox on a ton of things related to Xbox One.

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DougLord1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I'd like to see support for streaming UHD video. 4k, Dolby HDR and Rec 2020.

I'd also like them to improve the voice recognition. I have to say Xbox On several times to get the tone right. When I say Xbox watch TBS, I usually end up at PBS or CBS.

Wow disagrees? I must not want UHD streaming and better voice recognition.

JWiLL5521746d ago

Can an X1 even do UHD streaming?

Serious question, seems like it would take a decently spec'd PC.

u4one1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

i don't see why not. an h265 codec is lightweight. it doesn't need to do nearly the workload of rendering a video game scene in realtime... just decompressing the video codec which is done at a hardware level and at a decent bandwidth - which that part would hit the cpu/gpu.

my sony 4k smartTV probably has much less processing/video power than my phone yet it streams 4k media from video unlimited, amazon prime and netflix and even usb completely easily and liquid smooth. I'm sure there are differences in the way it does it over the xbox but still i think its in the realm of doable with the right formats/compressions.

TheCommentator1746d ago

Interestingly, there was a rumor going around about Phil using a Netflix Beta app? 4k may be streaming on some XB1's as we speak.

AngelicIceDiamond1746d ago

X1 comes with a 4k ready HDMI.

SlyFoxC1746d ago

it has a 4k hdmi for Video/Movie playback - Not for 4k Gaming.

mikeslemonade1746d ago

At the rate the X1 is going it promises to do 4K but it probably will do 2060p.

Bdub20001745d ago


At the rate X1 is going with positive updates and moving in the right direction, PS4 trolls like yourself will be too busy running damage control to play any games.

senis_kenis1745d ago

u4one >> xbone and ps4 gpu's dont have a fixed function hardware to decode h265. :(

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brads41746d ago

Keep dreaming. No-one is really dealing with 4K, we haven't even gotten 100% 1080p adoption yet. 4k is at least 5 years away from mainstream, further from consoles.

4K TV is not even an agreed upon standard yet, and the rate of adoption is very very small.

Genova841746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Didn't realize manufacturers participated in working together to define a "standard." It's not like the car industry where there are regulations for safety. TV manufacturers can design and build whatever they want. It's not like they agreed that 1080p would be the new "standard". It's just what other hardware (cable boxes, game systems, computers, etc.) support.

Yes, not everyone has a 1080p TV. So what? Cable doesn't even output 1080p. So what?

If the xbone is capable of it, which at 30 FPS over HDMI 1.4 it very well may be, I don't know why you wouldn't want that option available. 4K for video games on a console doesn't seem likely, but House of Cards through Netflix streaming could be.

SlyFoxC1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

you do realize im gaming at 4k on my pc...have been for a months...

Xbox 1 and Ps4 will never see 4k gaming. They do not have the raw power to output 4k...why the hell do ppl keep bringing up 4k gaming.

4k Movie and 4k Gaming are two completely different things.

SlyFoxC1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )


My cable outputs at 1080p.

I do agree that not everyone has a 1080 or higher tv. and a large portion could care less about resolution. Also you were correct that the Xbox 1 and the PS4 do not have the power to output 4k Gaming. But movie/video playback via bluray is possible at 4k. But we will never see a 4k video game on ps4 or xbox 1.

_-EDMIX-_1746d ago

@Sly- PS4 and XONE are not doing 4K based on developer choice, not based on not being able to.

That is based on games that support it not system.

Resoution is game dependent, ie why WipeoutHD on PS3 is 1080p 60fps.

Do not ask if the system can do it....consider can a game under specific settings do it. They can have Tetris or Luminies at 4k lol.

Its a huge, huge misconception that a system is "capable"...its all dependent on game.

Consider my HD 5770 is weaker then the PS4 and XONE's GPUs....yet I can output at 1080p in all my games. what setting?
....with what features turned off?

and better yet...with what games?

1080p isn't just one exact thing, it varies and is very specific on game, engine, settings etc.

A PC doing 4K based on the actual content running it, hell you could be playing minesweeper at 4k lol.

Kleptic1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Genova84...I'm not sure what you're getting at the with the 'standards'...Content providers control that, no one ever said the TV manufacturer's do...but they often follow suit in that they build their equipment to support what the content providers/makers...are standardizing...?

Like Blu-Ray...a bunch of content providers, that also happen to make televisions, sat in a room and designed, patented, and started producing a media format that was locked in at 1920 x 1080 resolution...some other companies were working on a competing format called HD-DVD...The resolution had been set from broadcasting companies, half a decade earlier, outputing recordings at that resolution in certain cases (albeit in an interlaced format)...and also pushing for a 16x9 aspect ratio...

during that weird era, "HD"TV resolutions where all over the place...and it was a work in progress, as before everything went by NTSC or PAL encoding practices...eventually BD beat out HD-DVD (initially because of porn), and TV makers agreed that 1080p should be known as 'full HD'...

the standards just show up based on whats popular...but, in a lot of ways, it very much IS like the TV manufacturers agreed that 1080p should be a least, the big ones did...yes, any company can make a TV in whatever weird format they want...but it doesn't make any business sense to do doesn't happen...

beerzombie1745d ago

There is a standard it is just different "The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) defines an Ultra HD television as one that displays at least 8 million active pixels, with a lower resolution boundary of at least 3,840 by 2,160. There are multiple varieties of 4K digital content ranging from 3,840 by 2,160 to 4,096 by 3,112, but the 3,840 by 2,160 resolution is the most consistent number."The Consumer Electronics Association

Samsung has shipped a 75 inch 4k with PlayStation now. for 4,000$ the 3,840 by 2160 is what 4k home TV's will be you may get projectors that use the higher pixel rate. Finally this year most manufactures will be shipping just 4k TV's. at the larger screen sizes.

brads41745d ago

I don't really care if you are 4k gaming on your pc today you nerds. We are talking about TVs, consoles, and 4k output to tv. Not even everyone has a 1080p tv, and this is a true fact.

Most buyer guides for 4k tvs recommend you wait, since standards are not in place yet, and you don't want to be backing the losing horse (say for example, BETA, HD-DVD, etc)

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hamburgerhill1746d ago

I can get my x1 to do everything thing but change channels. Can someone give me suggestions?

1746d ago
hamburgerhill1746d ago

Thanks Edmonds, I do see the channels appearing as I say them but the Channel still not changing. Maybe I need to locate one of these ir cables.

KiwiViper851746d ago

Lets just let them speed up the ui first aye?

SlyFoxC1746d ago

you will not see 4k gaming ever on a xbox 1 or ps4. you could see 4k movies but the power of both the xbox1 and ps4 is not capable of outputting a video game at 4k.

_-EDMIX-_1746d ago

Like stated before. That really isn't true. That is dependent on game, not system.

WipeoutHD on PS3 very much shows its based on game, engine etc, not solely system.

I can run 4K on my HD 5770...but clearly if you question what games I'm running, then you clearly know its not an exact thing and dependent on software, not so much system.

Also you can't directly say that about consoles as they yield greater performance then PC's of the same specs based on optimization and running the hardware directly on the board instead of having to bypass PCI-express, dimm slots etc.

I indeed do see 4K films as that makes sense, but I don't see much 4k gaming on consoles but not because they can't, but because its developer choice. I very much believe that they can get some low grade game running at 4k lol. To say "not capable" is a bit much...

You don't know what games we'll see in the future.

Kleptic1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

^an interesting example with Wipeout that was proven to not remain at 1920 x 1080 all of the had a Rage like tweak with its engine, in which it could downsize the frame buffer in order to maintain 60fps...The designers knew that at higher speeds, you couldn't see the drop in apposed to locking the buffer size, but letting the framerates plummet...

but yes, we see your point...what slyfox means is that neither console will get anywhere close to running a 'modern graphically intense game with high settings, and high frame rates, at 4k resolution'...

that won't neither console has dialed in 1080/60fps in those cases, let alone 4k...

but sure, a PS4 or Xbox One most definitely could run something like Fruit Ninja at 4k...seeing as though my cell phone can run it at 1440p...

NatFanBoyRestricted1746d ago

Agree with voice recognition. Sometimes I'll scream xbox record that during something crazy and it doesn't respond. But if I talk normal it works fine. After getting headsets, it's been allot better

modelgod1745d ago

You have to become one with your xbix. My xbox only listens to me.

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lifeisgamesok1746d ago

Phil Spencer the hero we deserve :)

decrypt1746d ago

I would take everything a console PR person says with a pinch of salt.

Dx12 performace improvement on console will be a sham just like using MS servers to improve xbox one performance, never materialized.

console makers need to constantly jawbone to keep the hype up. As they know they are selling old tech. Hell cell phone makers have more to talk about since they actually improve on performance year on year. Since consoles stuck with old tech for a decade console makers need to run their mouth lol, they know they cant come up with any meaning full performance increase from these old boxes.

1745d ago
fiveby91746d ago

Well although not an owner of a X1 but as a pc gamer, I like that he is at least out there talking to the public. We'll see how things pan out over time. I won't rule out even getting a X1 if the product has nice pc integration. But for now I am more than pleased with my PS4 and pc. Anything good for gaming is good news to me.

mcstorm1746d ago

What this guy and tbh alot of the new heads are doing at Microsoft is amazing. For me Microsoft are really starting to cerate amazing software and hardware. I own a surface pro 3 and for me nothing on the market touches it as a all in one device for my needs. They now have the surface 3 on the way too. Add that to windows 10 and the changes they are making to the Xbox one, you can see Microsoft making the right changes. Even windows Phone 10 is looking good they just need to bring some killer hardware to back it up like the surface range.

Looking forward to the end of 15 and beginning of 16 from a Microsoft side as I think its going to be a big one for them.

ThanatosDMC1746d ago

Played on a Surface Pro 3 before and I completely agree with you. I was honestly surprised by its performance. Gets a little but warm but really amazing for a tablet/laptop device.

_-EDMIX-_1746d ago

"Microsoft are really starting to cerate amazing software and hardware"

They've always been. I don't think in the last year they just remade the XONE and started making software that they never planned until Phil came along...

Consider your just seeing what they've always planned to do anyway. Those "right changes" sound more like inevitable changes that were always coming to XONE, like 360 before it, its going to get lots of updates and fixes.

They can do nothing with XONE's hardware other then try to increase performance from software updates, but that is no different then what the did with 360 and what their competitors will be doing too.

I'm not really sure your seeing MS make a "change" as much as your just seeing them continue support as planned. Its not like what you see MS doing is out of the ordinary as they did this with 360 the whole gen.

From software updates to improve hardware, to UI updates etc.

I think many are confusing what they planned with some new focus or change, when a lot of this sounds like what MS typically does every gen with a new system.

Kleptic1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

You think MS being this forthcoming with future updates, super duper improved performance through various API updates/changes, a radical change to support for indie developers...etc...was all originally planned for the Xbox One, and is nothing out of the ordinary for MS in general? I can't tell if you're serious or not...

this is the company that about a year and a half ago...did more about-faces and changed more policies within their xbox division within a matter of weeks...than they ever had in the rest of its existence combined...

So what does that say about all the initial announcement stuff? sharing of games, no rentals, always online, etc...was that all 'part of the plan' too?

either way...This is MS like they've never been...they're scrappy, fighting tooth and nail to gain back anything they can...and i'm not saying its a bad thing...Sony hasn't said much for over a year, and they've been walking away with the generation...MS seems to be throwing their wait behind the xbox one as much as possible...and that is great, as there were very real fears of another Dreamcast era in summer of 2013...but to say all of this was part of some huge well thought out plan made years before; hardly...this is what happens when a very wealthy company gets their teeth kicked in...from their own foot...

_-EDMIX-_1745d ago

@Kleptic-"You think MS being this forthcoming with future updates, super duper improved performance through various API updates/changes, a radical change to support for indie developers...etc...was all originally planned for the Xbox One"


Never stated anything about indie support.... I believe you just stated that..not me.

The updates to performance has been done with 360 and MS has always been forthcoming about updates and changes to features.

"this is the company that about a year and a half ago...did more about-faces and changed more policies "

I don't disagree with that, but their support for the system is the same level of support we saw last gen in terms of to what I was actually talking about.

Never did I state they never changed as that makes no real sense.

"I'm not really sure your seeing MS make a "change" as much as your just seeing them continue support as planned"

ie that is in regard to updates post launch.

The online only drm

no used games

lack of self publishing support

etc where never stated and never did I say they never changed that.

I was very specific in stating support in terms of updates for performance as they didn't just start doing this this gen.

Last gen they updated the dashboard many times, they went from 7.5 to 8.5gb support per dvd disk via updates and many many things.

"Sony hasn't said much for over a year, and they've been walking away with the generation"

Bloodborne and The Order 1886 just released, PS Now fully released, they added Spotify to PSN, just had a patch that added more features and just bought OnLive... That is just off the top of my head.

I'm not really sure what you mean by "hasn't said much" lol in terms of announcing games...neither have, thats for E3 and other trade shows.

Both have been doing a lot and neither is really doing any lessor as we've seen updates from both companies as we sorta should expect.

Again...I never stated anything in regards to their moves made in other areas as suppose to the updates and performance fixes. That happens on both fronts and was always going to happen as those same things happened last gen.

I tend to not let the media deem what a company is either doing or not doing.

ie with layoffs, support etc.

Not having a news story about PS4 updates doesn't mean they don't happen or are not happening, not hearing about layoffs don't mean the don't happen...merely some publishers don't report them. Consider that your merely not hearing that they haven't "said much" consider you might have not been looking everywhere to hear um. =)

1745d ago
AutoCad1746d ago

I like that they know the UI is kinda sluggish at times..
Hoprefully,overtime and with the addition of DX12 they improve it.

MasterBaker1746d ago

thanks to the xboxfeedback website. :)

fiveby91746d ago

Is it known that it is the current graphics API which is the main source of the problem? Frankly I'd be surprised is that is the case. Perhaps just other code optimization outside graphics API? Very important to have a snappy UI though.

NatFanBoyRestricted1746d ago

Totally agree the UI is sluggish. Snapping messages takes too long for when your in a multilayer game. And the game DVR. Sucks waiting to save a clip longer then 30 seconds if your trying to save a larger one while in a mp game.

Godz Kastro1746d ago

Whats wrong with UI speed? Fine for me. Perfect actually.

KiwiViper851746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

You've never clicked on an app like achievements, or tried to view your friends list and sometimes been met with 5, 10 sometimes 20 seconds of loading screen?

It must be something I'm doing wrong.

Fixay1746d ago

Snapping achievements is the most frustrating

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