Why Guerrilla Games' Next PS4 Exclusive is Sony's Most Important Game


I will be blunt here.

Killzone is no longer a tent-pole franchise for PlayStation and it hasn’t been one for a while now.

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xHeavYx1746d ago

That title is wrong in so many ways...

johndoe112111746d ago

It's just the usual, pre hype the games before release by calling them the most important thing ever in order to absolutely $h!t on them after release in order to generate clicks. Nothing new.

SmokingMonkey1746d ago


Future complaints for Horizon;

"Are the Dinosaur's too mecahnic?"

"Is that chick's hair too red?"

and my favorite complaint from Killzone 2;

"there's too much cussing." - in a game about warfare, you were surprised about the bad language?!

NeverHeavyMan1746d ago

I really couldn't have put it any better.

chrismichaels041746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

But....I thought the future of PS4 depended on DriveClub...and then again on The Order 1886 and then again on Bloodborne?

Is this going to now be a new thing everytime Sony announces a new IP? The PS4 isnt going to live or die on any one game alone. But rather on the overall quality of its entire library. Sony proved this point with the PSone, PS2 and more recently the PS3.

chrismichaels041746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Also, saying Killzone is no longer a "tentpole" game for Sony even though its still one of the most successful franchises on the PlayStation is ridiculous.

- Killzone 2 (91) and Killzone 3 (84) were both highly rated shooters

- Killzone 2 (3 Million), Killzone 3 (2.7 Million) and Killzone Shadow Fall (2.2 Million) all did very well in sales.

XBLSkull1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Killzone was touted as the "Halo Killer." It never even came close to that reality and has always been a sub par FPS. Glad to see them moving on to something new. PlayStation has struggled to come up with an answer to Halo, but Killzone sequels aren't the answer, gotta do something new.

Highlife1746d ago

It was for me. I'm sure all the halo games are great but for me I prefer the dark grittier game killzone. 2 was my favorite. But I'm glad they are doing a new ip let killzone take a break.

chrismichaels041746d ago

@XBLSkull - just like Xbox has struggled to come up with an answer for Uncharted. Thats why MS had to buy a timed exclusivity deal for Tomb Raider.

Each system has their strengths and weaknesses. Halo is most definitely a strength for Xbox. But dont for a second be confused and think that means Killzone is a bad FPS.

Sheikh Yerbouti1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

To be fair Halo has staled as well if you think about it. Happens, but both KZ and Halo are still 'tentpoles'.

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KwietStorm1746d ago

Well now that Bloodborne met and surpassed expectations, it's up to the next first party game to right the sinking ship that is PS4. I love the media. I want to be media when I grow up.

johndoe112111746d ago

"Shadowfall enjoyed moderate success as a launch title but the multiplayer space is a ghost town"

I played shadowfall this weekend and it never takes more than 8 seconds to find a lobby, What the hell are you talking about??? The more stories I read, the more I loose respect for these bloggers.

DanielGearSolid1746d ago

Their opinions are whatever...

But when they start throwing out fake facts to support their opinions, thats when i get annoyed...

Pretty much why I don't even read opinion pieces anymore

HaveAsandwich1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

its not a ghost town, but it is about the same 800 people every weekend. i guess that isnt terrible though.

fpshooter21746d ago

I still play the multiplayer on a regular basis. I still love it. Its definitely not a ghost town.

SmokingMonkey1746d ago

I hope the reveal is as big/polarizing as Killzone 2's was.

People literally did not believe it.

KZ is my favorite FPS, platinumed 4 of them.

wonderfulmonkeyman1746d ago

My favorite shooter to this day is probably Vanquish.
That first rocket powered drop kick is an eternally happy memory.XD
My second is a little known title called Metal Arms: Glitch in the System.

SmokingMonkey1746d ago

Vanquish was sick, like a Jon Woo sci-fi film.

towelie12881746d ago

played killzone 2, 3, and SF, 3 and SF sucked campaign wise
2 had a great campaign!
SF multiplayer was ok nothing special
dont really have any confidence in GG in gameplay wise
graphic wise they are nice....

johndoe112111746d ago

"SF multiplayer was ok nothing special"

Leh me guess, you absolutely love cod dontcha?

towelie12881746d ago

lol No havent played COD since MW2

MW2 was fun though

Wh15ky1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

GG are the best at utilising the available tech.

They pushed the ps2 to its limits with killzone.

They were the first devs to showcase the potential of ps3 exclusives with killzone 2.

They made best use of psmove with killzone 3.

Killzone 3 is still my favourite 3d gaming experience.

They made excellent use of the vitas features and resources with killzone mercenary, which they also patched for use with pstv. Killzone mercs looks fantastic on tv and plays brilliantly with the ds4.

GG dont always hit the mark (especially where storyline is concerned) but with the effort they put into everything else, they are easily one of my favourite devs.

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