A Beginner's Guide to Bloodborne

If you find yourself facing death's door constantly in Bloodborne, DualShockers takes a look and goes in depth to explain some of the games' basic concepts and combat to survive, and gives tips on how to get through the challenges ahead in From Software's latest game.

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Omar911750d ago

Just play the damn game and learn from your mistakes. You dont need a guide to tell you how to play a game. Trust me the drive of getting better and progressing through this game is more than enough to keep you going and enjoying it.

DragonKnight1750d ago

Guides are helpful in finding things you'd normally miss though, like shortcuts or NPCs that are VERY important in this game.

Omar911750d ago

Absolutely, I sometimes use a guide for trophies in bloodborne myself. Im just saying a guide to help you start playing a game before you even played the actual game is really not that necessary. Especially for a game like this where its a lot of trial and error. Just get in there and play the game. Learn what the game is trying to teach you.

DragonKnight1750d ago

Yeah agreed. Most of what you need to know about the game is already given to you pretty much right away. Developer messages are everywhere and are there even when offline so anything else is not really pivotal information, just bonus info if you're interested.

MysticStrummer1750d ago

Yeah my first play through was completely blind but I'm thinking of getting a guide for either NG+ or a new character. I know I missed a bunch of stuff, but I think blind is the way to go for a first run.

kurruptor1750d ago

I don't disagree about learning how to get better on your own, but I didn't like how you can't level up until you reach a boss (and even furthermore, if you die to the boss, you still loss all your echoes) and nothing in the game explained it.

I personally was overwhelmed by this. Spent a couple hours without any explanation of how I was supposed get stronger. I wasn't a happy camper and I had to go online and figure out that I needed to get some insight by finding a boss or using a madman's knowledge.

DragonKnight1750d ago

There is a glitch that you can use to get at least 2 insight without having to fight a boss.

1750d ago
mic_cala1750d ago

I use a guide, sorry i love BB but it would be so frustrating not finding those short cuts or being in areas u shouldnt be wasting hours and hours of playtime. Most people just dont have that kinda time to blow and have no progress to show for it. The game is hard regardless, theres no shame in using it just to make sure ur on the right path.