Sony Exec Dies a Bunch in Bloodborne

Kotaku - Shiro Kawauchi, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment Korea, streams himself playing Bloodborne—and dying a whole bunch.

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mushroomwig1752d ago

I bet even the developers of this game have died a whole bunch of times, as it should be!

Neonridr1752d ago

I remember the devs saying something about a lot of them having a hard time beating their own game. That says something.

reminds me of the good old 8-bit hard days.

Captain_Wormy1752d ago heart skipped a few beats when I read Sony exec dies.

LOL_WUT1752d ago

I wish Shuhei Yoshida would do this it be fun to watch ;)

Relientk771752d ago

Yeah, I would love to see that

dota2champion1752d ago

I read that when he played demons souls, he got mad becuz he was dying too much and that was the reason why sony didn't publish demons souls for USA

Krakin11752d ago

That's that same guy who cried at the launch of the ps4 in korea