The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Will Have Two Expansions

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will have two expansions, where you can buy an ‘Expansion Pass’. One expansion is called “Hearts of Stone” which will be released in October 2015, and the other is “Blood and Wine” which will release in Q1 of 2016.


Price has been revealed


Updated info in the article

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starrman19851747d ago

I don't know how I feel about this, on the one hand I have always praised CD Projekt Red for their approach to games and their policy for including everything on their retail copies. On the other, I am sure that their DLC will be incredibly generous and well worth the price tag!

That said, at 100-200 hours for the initial game alone, will we need any DLC?!

Bansai1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Expansion ≠ DLC

If people can't see the difference then it's a sad day for gaming.

I don't buy DLCs because mainly it's worthless content, an expansion however I will most likely purchase, if the game is good of course. Extra story and single player content which adds more hours to the experience after the main campaign is over? I'm all for such things instead of stupid skins and multiplayer maps which should be free (and in Witcher, skins etc. will be).

Blizzard does expansions right (Diablo III Reaper of souls), I hope CDPR will follow suit.

Stapleface1747d ago

Some people don't know the difference. Expansions existed before dlc. Just before you had to go buy the disc, now you can download them.

Psychotica1747d ago

Um, isn't an Expansion a type of DLC? DLC meaning Download Content.

vallencer1747d ago

Technically expansions are dlc. You're still downloading them. But that's just me playing devils advocate. I get what you're saying and I for one am ok with them doing this. I remember when expansions for giant games like this were the norm And Noone complained about them. Now everyone just assumes a company is out to get your money. News flash, every company wants your money. Some are just more evil in doing so. I think these expansion packs will be worth the money.

DemonChicken1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago ) and per vallencer

Unless boxed copies only like the good old days but I doubt this would happen due to additional costs. It's strange to me that this is announced before the actual game which to my knowledge is not gold yet. Which to my surprise why some people are questioning this move - content striped from the main game? and repackaged as "expansions" per CDR.

Although it kind of niggling/sugarcoated (in my opinion), price wise from the content already there, it's worth the additional price tag. It's not cheap to develop such a long big game and then slap a standard price tag to it; i.e. longer development = additional costs such as salary,etc. 30 hours is alot of content.

But here is my question what happens to the people that buy boxed copies? Link game and buy expansion on GOG?

Edit: Answer to my question:

Redeem on GOG

"The boxed PC version of the game is compatible only with the Expansion Pass sold on"

starchild1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Yeah, significant content like that is well worth paying for. I'm willing to bet these expansions will offer more gameplay, storytelling and exploration than many full games released at $60, but will cost much less than that.

CD Projekt RED is going to give us some great DLC completely free. I'll be happy to continue my adventures in the world of the Witcher and pay for some sizable expansions.


Technically the game itself would have to be considered DLC by that standard. I mean, it's content and it's downloadable. Does an expansion or full game become DLC just because in modern times we download them instead of getting them from the store down the street?

_-EDMIX-_1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

errr not really. Your stating this purely based off of what they are calling it.

An expansion is DLC...

Its downloadable content.

Most expansions and DLC is actually made during development while the game is being certified to release, expansions can also be made by other teams during development.

The idea that last gen that content could have been added in the final game makes very little sense for many reasons.

1.The content was made to be DLC in the first place...thus would not exist if it wasn't to be sold after the fact. storage, Uncharted 3 with all the DLC is close to 90gbs and was released over the course of a year and a half. I don't think they played to just release a 90gb a year and a half later and Sony stopped was always to be dlc.

3.The history of series and certain maps, characters etc has only increased because of dlc, not decreased.

Example no BF has ever launched with 35 maps or anything...yet that is what we have with all the dlc for most BF games.

Example, no Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros...most content packed games in there series, both have dlc.

I think its due to many gamers not getting over the fact that its...well after the fact.

Though the content is being made during development, its not being tested then, its not ready for release then and it was created to be in the time and money it cost to make that content is expected to be made back, thus its why its created.

They would not just lose a bunch of money while making extra content for nothing.

I'm ok with this as both Witcher games have been pretty content packed and expansions only add to the game.

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Kalebninja1747d ago

Why would you complain about dlc to a game that can already be up to 200 hours long out the box. Dlc isn't always excluding things from the game and selling it later. its adding things to a complete game so you get more out of it,things that wouldnt be in the game otherwise. Same as how super smash is getting dlc.

Bdub20001747d ago

It's a pretty fine line to please gamers on this topic.

On the one hand, it's great to hear there will be expansions and continued support on the game.

On the other hand, I hate the money grab idea and the fact that so much DLC is "day one" or ready to release ASAP after game release. It just send ls the message that developers have found a way to get squeeze more money out of gamers.

Gamers pushed back on games costing more than $60, so developers found a way to charge more. Anyways, that's how I feel about it.

HammadTheBeast1747d ago

You probably won't need the expansions until well after you've beat the main game and all the side quests which would easily be 60+ hours. After that, if the expansions are anything like the GTA IV ones, then it's reasonable. MUCH MUCH better than $15 for 4 tiny maps in CoD games.

kraenk121747d ago

The game is said to be 200hours long with side quests :)

HammadTheBeast1747d ago


Yeah I know, but I just wanted to write the bare minimum in case someone goes off on me for stretching it out too much.

starrman19851747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Yikes that got a lot of disagrees! For clarification I used the term DLC because the content is downloadable. I didn't mean it in derogatory manner.

The main reason I had mixed feelings is because CD Projekt Red are a team that have never done expansions (not in The Witcher games anyway) and they are a homeage to the old school game, in my eyes anyway. That said, I know their expansions will be absolutely stellar. If my initial comment came across in a disrespectful manner towards CD Projekt Red then I am sorry, they are one of, if not my favourite game developer.

3-4-51747d ago

Expansions are GREAT for games.

DLC = only sometimes good.

There is a difference.

Expansions are almost always huge or large chunks of gaming content packaged into a separate release that sometimes gave you = a second game's worth of content.

PC Game expansions in the 90's were done AMAZINGLY Well.

If they are like's all good.

_-EDMIX-_1747d ago

lol, subjective and semantics. Expansions are content that can be downloaded....thus dlc.

DLC is rather just describing it as an extra and not really the type, size, quality etc.

and yes.....PC's expansions back in the day were EPIC! I'm still ok with how they are done now, but only DICE and Bethesda I feel make the best expansions. Well, we'll see with this game, I'm playing Witcher 1 right now and 30 is a good chunk of extra goodies!

oasdada1747d ago

The first expansion is so close to game launch thats its kind of making me question the delay

nitus101747d ago

100 to 200 hours without any DLC that is fantastic for an RPG which puts it on the same footing with Skyrim.

I have the Skyrim Legendary eddition and have played well over 100 hours and have hardly touched the main quest and only just dabbled with the other 3 add-ons.

Personally I don't have a PS4 yet and am hoping for an RPG bundle containing Bloodborne, The Witcher 3 and possibly Dark Souls 2 and/or Dragon Age - Inquisition. I am willing to wait until the end of June. Give me a bundle with those four games and I will have be satisfied for many many months.

BiggerBoss1746d ago

You expect to find a Ps4 with 4 huge RPGs included? Good luck man. ive seen Bloodborne+TLOU bundles for $399, and I think thats the best youre gonna get until the holidays

spicelicka1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Basically what everyone else is saying. The game comes out next month and the expansion doesn't come till 5 months later. On top of that it adds 30 hours to the game, it isn't content cut from the game, this is how it should be done. If anything this policy supports exactly what they're fighting for.

BallsEye1746d ago

If it's anything close to what bethesda was doing with it's expansions for Oblivion then it's a bargain.

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Majin-vegeta1747d ago

Usually I don't buy season passes.But since we'll be getting free DLC as well.I'm more than willing to support them.

kstap331747d ago

Not that I'm angry about it... but wasn't the dev and press making a big deal about their "all DLC will be free"? Seems like an odd thing to shout about when planned expansions are in the works. Not really managing expectations well.

Slevon1747d ago

My thoughts exactly, they are the ones who spout no dlc or free dlc and then now announce two dlc's calling them expansions. I'm not angry either its just weird they would announce this before launch

Stapleface1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

So expansions are equal to a downloadable skin because they can be downloaded now instead of having to go out and buy the disc due to changes in technology? Because expansions have been around way longer than this trend of pay 5 dollars to dress your character in new clothes. In case you were not gaming in the 90s.

Utalkin2me1747d ago

DLC is also just not "Skins". DLC, stands for Downloadable Content.

Mariusmssj1747d ago

30 hours of addition story/game content for £19. Most £40 games don't even last 7 hours. We got both enhanced editions for Witcher 1 and 2 for free I don't mind supporting CDPR for these expansions.

raWfodog1747d ago

Obviously they are viewing DLC different from a traditional expansion. Their 'expansions' are adding about 30 hours of pure gameplay to the main game while their DLC is just adding inventory items and changes in appearance.

tablecloth1747d ago

DLC and expansions are 2 different things. Just like Dragon
Age Inquisition new DLC ( Jaws of Hakkon ) which is more of an expansion than a DLC, compared to Evolve's skin or class DLC's.

Nicolee1747d ago

yeah i love this company and their witcher2 game it was all free before. i am not so sure about this.

Ogygian1747d ago

They have to eat.

And to be honest, W3 base game plus the free DLC is excellent value anyway.

If they don't charge for stuff like this, we don't get it, because they bleed money making it.

--Onilink--1747d ago

their stance has never really changed. They've always stood against the smaller scale (obviously already in disc DLC), firm in the belief that this type of DLC should be free (like what they are doing with their first round)

In that same line, they always said that they would only charge for something that would feel more in line with what was once known as an expansion. Something very big and worth the extra money (which is what they are doing with this recent announcement)

starchild1747d ago

This is true. They've already clarified their stance in interviews many times in the past. They always said that they would charge for any significant expansion-like content and only if it would be well worth the money.

GarrusVakarian1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Why do people always get angry about things they haven't read/researched properly?

No, they didn't say "all" of their DLCs would be free, they said:

"For me, DLC is the smaller bits and pieces, and we will never charge for those things" - in regard to the *16* pieces of free DLC that they are giving everyone day one.

"However, if we do a big adventure - say, 15 or 20 long, a very high production value story to the game - then we will probably charge for that".

I think so many people frown upon DLC these days, and rightfully so because so much of the DLC that devs are charging for these days is stuff that should arguably be free. But people should know that small DLC packs that devs like to nickle-and-dime us for are not the same as huge DLC expansions that are made and released post-launch, and they shouldn't be lumped into the same category. And the stuff that should be free in other games IS free in The Witcher.

This is a prime example of DLC being done right. And it's a shame to see people hating on the devs because they themselves don't understand the difference between nickle-and-dime DLC, and fully fledged expansions packs.

kraenk121747d ago

They always said if they are ever gonna charge for DLC it's gonna be expansive story might have missed that.

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oIITSBIIo1747d ago

So we have 30 more hours, it's like having a new game these days.

slappy5081747d ago

Ah great we don't see many expansions these days! Hopefully it is like the old school expansions where you buy the disc from the store and get a whole lot of extra content for it. Looks like they going all out on the final installment of the series. Wish I tried to preorder the collectors edition earlier can't find one anywhere in my country

Stapleface1747d ago

You will be able to download them because it's 2015. Hence people throwing them into the category DLC, along with horse armor.

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