Killzone 2 badge system unveiled, detailed

Brand new details have arisen regarding Killzone 2's online multiplayer, which, judging from these facts, looks to be quite deep.

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QueefyB5064d ago

wow this game is just so amazing i think killzone 2 and MAG will be the pioneers of revolutionary graphics and online gameplay on video game consoles

RonDeMuerte5064d ago (Edited 5064d ago )

I love that title.....and this game is going to be [email protected] awesome!!!..... hey you should check my next to last comment on the Resistance 2 video article

hahahaha I b!tchslapped an Xbot with only one bubble......

cmrbe5064d ago

will kick start it and then MAG especially will kick it into the stratosphere. Sony is going for the kill in the online arena for sure while x360 games will still be stuck in last gen.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5064d ago

I thought 'MAG' meant 'MicroSoft Are GONE'!!! ;-D

cmrbe5064d ago

That's is actually a good alias hehe.

PoSTedUP5064d ago (Edited 5064d ago )

yo queffy. i think motorstorm2 will have awesome graphics too because the screen shots that i just seen alot of them look like real life and it is my most anticipated game of this year. motorstorm1 had really good graphics now #2 is gunna be even better and dont forget about GT5 and even though siren blood curse is a psn title it has some really really good graphics.

edit @ ken dogg- exactly man, they didnt just add 2 player splitscreen they made it 4 way splitscreen which is crazy for a racing party or something ; ) lol but nah im really happy about that.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5064d ago

I'm looking forward to the 4 player off-line split-screen mode!!! ;-P
In MotorStorm 2;) Can't wait for that;)

@cmrbe ;) Thank you;)

Microsoft_Spokesman5063d ago

That is retarded. Queers of war 1.5, erm, I mean Gears of war 2's 5 player "action packed, revalotionary" multiplayer is better!

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Jpinter5064d ago

Looking forward to hearing and seeing more on Killzone 2

sonarus5064d ago

I wonder why sony didn't talk about KZ more. Probably not to take shine off from resistance

Bathyj5064d ago

Are you kidding? People already say its overhyped, yet all they've done is release a couple trailers and some gameplay footage.

cmrbe5064d ago

to be fair those trailers and gameplay footage although few is unlike anything we seen before so naturally anyone will be hyped after seeing them.I do believe though that Sony is putting more attention on resistance 2 naturally for its coming out first. The Lativan is one scary son of a gun.

StayHigh5064d ago

Who cares if they didn't bring up Killzone 2..This game got EVERYONE talking about it for years..Im hyped for this game..It be one of the best game on the PS3 this year with Resistance 2, Socom Confrontation and LittleBigPlanet..

C_SoL5064d ago (Edited 5064d ago )

KZ2 should be kept on the down low, cause once it comes out it should be a surprise for everybody......Same with GOWIII, it should be kept on the down low show a few trailers here, a few trailers there.......Also, it will make non-PS3 owner jealous...... Meaning more hardware sells.........Btw, where the hell is Twisted Metal?

Here's a bubble 4 you.

StayHigh5064d ago

Sony didn't show all their games I guess they are only revealing the games that coming out this year..

I still want more info on Heavy Rain and White Knight Story..As for Team ICO game its probably going to shown at this year TGS..

BananaSlug5064d ago


that scout looks scary!

HateBoy5064d ago

Cool stuff, cool stuff indeed. Hope they make it "deeper" so that we'll keep coming back.

yaboi5064d ago

going around the bush
the game looks GOOD

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pizzas5064d ago

New trailer up in the US PS store! Multiplayer footage revealed!

badz1495064d ago (Edited 5064d ago )

things are going better and better each time for KZ2! it's shaping to be a DAMN AWESOME game with awesome graphics and gameplay, SP and MP!! great job Guerilla and Sony!

the only thing that I still don't understand is why is this the only game in history that is being compared to its CG trailer and kinda being forced to match that CG graphically?? I've never heard this kind of things even with Gears!! I think people are being too harsh on Sony over KZ2! anyway, be it CG-like graphic or not, they're currently delivering an outstanding job and I'm all sold for KZ2!!

jwatt5064d ago

32 players online is crazy I was expecting 16 for this kind of title.

cmrbe5064d ago

Thats what i was thinking about. Considering that this game will be a graphical masterpiece i expected 16 players online max. Dam, its seems all this talk about the PS3 as a supercomputer is really is true. I think we are only starting to see a glimpse of the technical ability of the PS3 with MAG being announced.

ThanatosDMC5064d ago

Well, you did know Skynet was gonna be born from the PS3, right? The Governator said so!

Lord Anubis5064d ago

"A new "badge" system allow users to mix and match abilities into primary and secondary spots to complement their pay style"

I pay with debit cards, which badge should i get? perhaps the visa?

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