GameStop Has a Sweet Xbox One Trade-in Deal Going On

GameStop is offering up a nice chunk of trade-in credit towards a new Xbox One in exchange for either a Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

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Smitty20201756d ago

I got rid of my 360 before I got the next gen consoles but wish I kept it

TheRedButterfly1756d ago

This is why I never sell my consoles. I made the mistake of /trying/ to sell my GameBoy Color way back in the day, but luckily I peeled off the stickers, so EB Games couldn't take it.

BEST "mistake" I ever made. I did still sell my old games, which I regret, but I definitely learned the "don't sell your consoles" lesson.

KiwiViper851756d ago

I kept my 360, but haven't touched it since November 22nd 2013.

Not even my collection of guitar hero instruments and full catalogue can tempt me. I would put it on TradeMe (nz's ebay), can't be bothered to take it out of the cupboard to take a photo, haha.

medman1756d ago

As the owner of multiple consoles over the years, my xbox 360 (one of the many 360's I've owned due to red ring) is the only console I've ever considered trading in strictly because of fear the product would fail on me before I could trade the thing in.....that doesn't say much for Microsoft's product quality, or me for that matter. I bought two 360's, most that red ringed were replaced under warranty, until that ran out and I did the home made fixes myself, til it just up and quit and I was "forced" to purchase a slim, which is thankfully still breathing. But I wonder every day, "for how long" will this 360 last? I never had a question like that for any of my other Sony or Nintendo consoles. Never.

kraenk121755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

@medman somehow, this is just.... sad...

Kidmyst1755d ago

I made the mistake too of selling my old GBA but not consoles. Only games I sold are ones I really didn't like and knew I'd never touch them again or ever have any desire to "someday play again".

OldDude1755d ago


Why don't you troll harder. You wont trade it in because you fear it will fail on you? What kind of argument is that? Did someone hold a gun to your head and "force" you to buy the slim? Also the slim has heat shutdown protection and cant RRoD. I doubt you ever even owned a 360, troll harder.

ilikepizza1754d ago

People still complaining about red ring? Lol they fixed it for free...... And newer models dont red ring.... If you are so concerned and can't sleep at night maybe you should of got an s-model? The red ring issue was almost 8 yrs ago. These people crying over rrod won't dare mention the fear of bricking a Sony console after an update tho.

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mikeslemonade1756d ago

The title misled me to think to trade in my X1 for something.

Glgh1756d ago

I don't think I will ever be able to get rid of my older consoles... Well, maybe if that's keeping me from living under a bridge, lol

KiwiViper851756d ago

There's a real lack of powerpoints under bridges anyways.

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EdMcGlone1756d ago

Author here: I personally prefer to keep my old consoles because I always want to play my old games, but if you're the type of person who doesn't care about that, then this plus trading in your old games could lead to a pretty cheap Xbox One. I wouldn't be on this deal, but that's just me.

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