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Neil writes "The last generation of consoles may still be rolling along nicely for some, but for many, new gen is where it’s at. However, that doesn’t stop us from harking back to days gone by, reminiscing about some of our favourite games over the last few years. Many of those who have already made the jump to the new more powerful consoles will look back to Borderlands and its sequel as being standout titles of the old generation. With that in mind, the arrival of Borderlands 2 and its slightly less hyped cousin, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on Xbox One and PS4 is pretty exciting.

But is the combination of the two, in one big Handsome Collection package, worthy of our cash all over again?"

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oKidUKo1753d ago

One of my favourite game series for awesome characters and seeing as I missed the pre-sequel on last gen this is perfect for me.

Matt6661753d ago

you be disappointed with the pre-sequel its so boring and bland compared to borderlands one and two

lemoncake1753d ago

I deliberately didn't get the presequal on last gen as I knew it would come sooner or later onto the new machines, it's a great collection as it includes all dlc and it basically throws borderlands 2 in for free considering the price of the pack is same as one game.

iistuii1753d ago

I'm playing Borderlands 2 from the handsome collection & can't believe what I missed out on from last gen, I think I must have had other games at the time. It's great. I'm playing on PS4 & I'm having a blast. One thing wrong is the framerste gets dodgy at times, but its a really good game.

EazyC1753d ago

Playing through it now on splitscreen, and it's just a total blast! It did freeze at the very start for some reason and had to reset the console, but I hope that was a once-off hiccup. The content on offer here is immense!

JWiLL5521753d ago

I'm onto my second character and true vault hunter mode in BL2. Will wait until they get the performance patch out for TPS before I jump in there.

Really an amazing amount of content in BL2 alone with all the DLC. Such a great game, haven't touched Destiny since.

Bungie could learn a lot about side missions and in game story building from Gearbox.

iistuii1752d ago

I personally think they could do with a BL2 performance patch also... It's pretty bad when busy in some area's. Not so it ruins it, but I do feel it alot..