GTA V recommended PC specs revealed

Ahead of its release next week, its worth checking out the minimum and recommended requirements for running Grand Theft Auto V on PC. Follow the link for all the details.

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JoeMcCallister1479d ago

Idk what it is about GTA in general but I just keep going back - I bought GTA IV a few years after it came to PC and was blown away by the mod support and hope that Rockstar not only makes this port on the level of the Max Payne 3 port, but also makes the mod integration a little easier. It prolongs the life of their game and makes some of the best reasons to go back to the game down the road.

The specs aren't that terrible either, I can't really bring myself to shell out another $60 right away but if the MP community shows up in GTA Online I may just have to. It just comes at a weird time so close to The Witcher that I can't say I'll definitely grab it just due to knowing The Witcher will certainly take up a majority of my time come May.

ScamperCamper1479d ago

Definitely I'm expecting GTA V to be the masterpiece which everyone "must own". Full value for the purchase, that's how I look at it.

Audiggity1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Same here, I can't pull myself away from the series. I was playing IV right up until V released on the consoles.

GTA V and GTA Online in particular is just so well done, people who don't enjoy it are either not fans of open world games (which I totally understand!) or simply have such a limited imagination/mental capacity, they can't decide/figure out how to have fun.

I probably have 10+ detailed stories that unfolded in GTA Online with some buddies and random people online, things I'll never forget, and I'm hoping to clock twice as much time in the PC version - if not more as it expands.

Bdub20001478d ago

Those recommended specs are pretty low! That's awesome, doesn't take an ultra PC rig to run this game.

Kleptic1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

ah, i'd wait and see what happens in that regard...if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is...

they may call that 'recommended'...but i bet it crawls on a PC with those specs...

the weird thing is that they make it appear to be somewhat cpu bound...then recommend almost below mid-range gpu's (those are only marginally faster gpu's to the PS4's gpu)...

then factor in that you've got DX11 in the way...and like i said...I'd place a strong bet that the game will require a far more powerful gpu to get anywhere close to 1080/60fps...

I'm guessing a good starting point, gpu wise, would be a 7970/280x from AMD, or a 770 from Nvidia...that, of course, would be for 'maxing' out the game with a stable 60fps at 1920x1080...the listed equipment may run it, but probably worse than the new consoles...again, mostly because of still being stuck with DX11...

just saying, Rockstar doesn't have that great of a track record with PC releases...they gave some un-intimidating specs for GTAIV, too...and the game wouldn't even load unless you had double that...

Magicite1478d ago

Got i7 4771 and MSI 7970 Lightning, gonna easily max out this!

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kakashi071479d ago ShowReplies(1)
I_am_Batman1479d ago

Still haven't played the game. Might pick it up on PC once it's cheaper. I've lost interesst in GTA after Vice City but GTA V looks interessting enough for me to return to the franchise.

Those spec requirements are fairly low as well. Seems like Rockstar did a good job porting the game to PC.

@author: You might wanna include a line break between Memory and Video Card. At first I read it as "8GB Video Card".

JsonHenry1479d ago

I'll get it on a Steam sale in about 2 months for about half price. The recommended specs are still weak for such a good looking game. Looking forward to picking this up.

Perjoss1479d ago

After 2 months you might see 25% if you're lucky, but not 50%, not on a popular title like GTA.

ScamperCamper1479d ago

Well this took long enough. The only question I have is whether going 4K is going to be worth it. Is it worth it for just this one game?

Stapleface1479d ago

The requirements have been out for a while. This is old news.

traumadisaster1479d ago

We knew that 2 years ago. I've been playin gta4 in 4k before the new gen was announced.

Started on a 30hz set then picked up a 60hz 4k tv last year and it's fantastic. I turn some settings back that hardly make a difference visually to pull more horsepower from my Titan.

massapeal791479d ago

Dude look at BioShock Infinite in 4k there's your answer

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