Level-5 Livestream Tomorrow to Showcase New Titles Including Layton 7 and More

later tomorrow morning for EST timezones at 5AM is when Level 5 will be showcasing several of Level-5 titles and a special game announcement, and what game will they announce?

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Zay2430d ago

Ni No Kuni 2 or Dark Cloud

oasdada2430d ago

would totally love a new darkcloud game!!

vishmarx2430d ago

ill take anything that isnt on a 3ds for gods sake

3-4-52430d ago

Can't wait to see what Fantasy Life 2 is all about.

I'm about 10-15 hours into the first one and it's awesome so far.

Conzul2429d ago

Sinned gravely by missing Ni No Kuni on PS3, so here's hoping that it or a sequel is coming to PS4.

zu4G2430d ago

dragon Quest VIII-2 will do .. xD

G3n3raL862430d ago

DQ8 on the PS Store will do...

Sheepzclothing2430d ago

One of my top three fave developers...very interested. I'm not sure what to expect but it won't be bad news!

q8kik2430d ago

I fell in love with this studio after Ni No Kuni.

oasdada2430d ago

oh please let it be Ni no kuni remastered this year and Ni no kuni 2 next year!! fingers crossed!

Nicolee2430d ago

i sold my ps3 but now i really want to play ni no kuni again. if they want to remaster for ps4 i will be really happy.

_-EDMIX-_2430d ago

I wish Level 5 would find a publisher in the west to represent their work as I feel they can create better titles and more of them if they had some more support else where.

Love everything they do! I feel we might get a sequel to that game and I also feel the first has a good chance of being ported to PS4 based on the ease of development.

scark922430d ago

I missed out on it so I would love it!

Matt6662429d ago

No more remastering games if you want to play ps3 games go out and buy one. But I do agree with Ni no kuni 2

oasdada2429d ago

What is it with u? If u dnt want 1 just dont buy it.. as long as a sequel is in the works im gud with it.. the more the merrier

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The story is too old to be commented.