8 Games Inspired By Twin Peaks' Weirdness


Today it's uncertain whether Lynch will ever return to Twin Peaks (Showtime wants him back), but to celebrate the show's lasting legacy we examine its impact on a handful of games all about outsiders entering peculiar closed communities.

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DarkOcelet1480d ago

Deadly Premonition is a masterpiece. Which makes what wander what the hell happened to D4 after they finished the first episode. They kinda went under the radar.

Pozzle1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Not gonna lie, Deadly Premonition was one of my favorite games of last gen. I didn't even like it in a "so bad it's good" sort of way. I genuinely enjoyed the weirdness, the kooky characters, and the mystery of who killed Anna. I got really invested in it! :D

LordMaim1479d ago

It was like the bastard love child of Twin Peaks and Yakuza. I enjoyed it in spite of myself, but by god was it painful to look at.

Heyxyz1479d ago

Deadly Premonition was so amazingly unique. I really wish I could erase my memory just to play it again. Very few games held me the same way Deadly Premonition did. In a market full of clones Deadly Premonition was truly a shining star.

Tex1171479d ago

I also will chime in to say that Deadly Premonition is a fantastic ride.

The story and characters are quirky strange and interesting. Alot of personality.

Some of the "game" parts are tricky as in the map wont stay pointed North, no fast travel. Action sequenes are bad. Etc.

Regardless, its awesome.

scark921479d ago

There is fast travel but you have to do a side quest to get it!

DarkOcelet1479d ago

Haha yeah, i found that quest after i finished the game lol. Stupid Radio.