Why Youtubers Like Angry Joe Are Boycotting Nintendo Games

Angry Joe is boycotting all Nintendo games, along with many other famed YouTubers like Pewdiepie. But why are so many famous gamers running from Nintendo?

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Aloy-Boyfriend1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Well, one of the reasons is that they've been spoiled by other companies already. Other companies know the potential of Youtube and act friendly. Minecraft and Flappy Bird are prime examples of what Youtube can do.

Youtube let's players made those games popular; they have increased the sales of other video games by playing them and recommending it to the millions of fans. Nintendo is stupid if they think they can take money from the Youtubers' work after the Youtubers themselves already gave them money for the games.

I think Total Biscuit nailed it.
''My concern, of course, is if they start applying this to review content. Then, frankly, that is a corporate shakedown. You can’t do that. You can’t say, ‘Oh, you want to review our game? We’re going to take some money for that.'' This is just greedy! It's not enough for them with the Amiibo novelty, the Wii that printed more money than a money printer, the 3DS, and the money they get from their so-forgiving fanbase.

heychrisfox1474d ago

During his rant, Angry Joe has a really cynical but funny discussion where he's like "Maybe I should just pay Nintendo for recommending this game to my friend at all." It's so dumb. It's also sad that Nintendo so frequently gets a pass on this type of behaviour just because they're so loved.

Big_Game_Hunters1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

So much complaining and moaning about this topic around the web rivht now, yet everyone is somehow"giving them a pass"right now lol.

venom061474d ago

who even cares about the stupid rantings of one random clown on Youtube, that bitch#$ and moans about everything for views???? that's his gimmick and that's pretty much all he is... a gimmick..

Spotie1474d ago

Nintendo isn't getting a pass "right now," but they have been given a pass many times for what any other company would be lambasted for.

AngelicIceDiamond1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Joe made a good point. When he says "why does Nintendo get away with this?"

Meanwhile everyone else hates EA we throw rocks at them all the time.

The reason why is because we all feel sorry for Nintendo. Hell we been feeling sorry for them since the gamecube.

Third party doesn't wanna support their network, third party doesn't wanna support the console, third party doesn't want to buissness with them.

EA will never do business with them.

Heres hoping the NX console is the right console the devs as well as the general consumer.

Point is Nintendo did this to themselves. I'm astonished their 1st party sells just as much as first party. Considering it kinda needs to because its all they have right now.

We need to quit feeling sorry for Nintendo and give them a proper push and quit apologizing. I truly believe Nintendo can get with the times but still be unique at the same time.

Like I said how long are we gonna feel sorry for Nintendo? we bash EA to straighten up we bashed Sony back then to straiten up and we bashed MS just few short years ago to straiten up.

I think Nintendo needs some bashing now.

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LAWSON721474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

I do I like seeing entertaining people play and share their experiences. YouTube is a big deal and scaring away people really enjoying the Wii U from sharing their thoughts IMO is bad business.

rezzah1474d ago

The effects of this will allow other companies to decide on new paths or remain with their current business plans.

The reason why the situation is receiving so much heat is due to the level of change it could induce.

Christopher1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Why Nintendo is doing what they are doing?

Because they don't want their "family friendly" IPs associated with foul-mouthed gamers.

Kurylo3d1474d ago

how do u figure? Hes a reviewer. What happens when every company wants reviewers to pay them for the honor of reviewing their product lol...

Reviewers spread the word about your games. They are free advertising. What nintendo is doing is biting the hand that feeds them.

Dudebro901474d ago

Free advertising... Right.

Because Nintendo doesn't have some of the most recognized IP and characters in the history of interactive entertainment, and are in desperate need for "free advertisement"

LAWSON721474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )


Last I checked a new attempt by Nintendo is being done with Splatoon and it really could use a thing like YouTube. If it is creative and fun, YouTube is the best place to show it off and who better to do that than gamers that entertain?

Mario may not need YouTube but if Nintendo wants new IPs to lift off the ground it is in their best interest to embrace something like YouTube.

Also just my opinion, the Wii U could use the advertising because Nintendo can't advertise the damn thing right

Godmars2901474d ago

Except the games aren't really being reviewed, are they? This is more about Youtube personalities having content for their channels. Talking over and reacting to games. Indy games like Slenderman which streamers made popular, and AAA productions such as Mario cart whose popularity streamers had little to nothing to with.

xander707691474d ago


Absolutely bro. You totally get it. That's why all the big name brands don't advertise anymore. I mean when was the last time you saw advertisement for Taco Bell or Buger King? How about Walmart? Toyota?

That's right, all the big dogs know what's up and what a total waste of money it is to advertise when you are well known.

/s /s /s /s

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Genova841474d ago

I don't subscribe to the argument that Nintendo has pure intentions with regards to this. They want more money and are trying to get creative, like with the DeNA deal.

I stopped buying Nintendo products 5 years ago because their games lost their appeal to me. Also, I know I'm alone on this, but the 25th anniversary re-release of super mario all stars really rubbed me the wrong way.

heychrisfox1474d ago

Moreover, the assumption that they don't want games going to "foul-mouthed people" implies that Nintendo is a moralistic company who only wishes to sell to specific groups of people. Which is certainly not true. They have no way of knowing how "foul-mouthed" any of their customers are, and at what point is that even a concern for a business?

Christopher1474d ago

Regardless of what language their customers use, they want a specific image so that parents continue to buy every Pokemon and Mario game for their kids on their new 3DS or whatever other device they use.

DragonKnight1474d ago

@Christopher: How many parents watch Angry Joe?

Spotie1474d ago

How does Bayonetta or Assassin's Creed or Batman or Devil's Third or Fist of the North Star or Fatal Frame or Deus Ex or Ninja Gaiden or Resident Evil or Yakuza or Watch_Dogs or ZombiU fit into that image?

freshslicepizza1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

this is what i said before. angry joe is over the top and his language is mature to say the least. regardless of angry joe's public image, nintendo are the one's who will get bad press over this. pewdipie is another youtuber that generates even more people whom i can't stand but his popularity speaks for itself. i doubt nintendo wants to be associated with either of them but it's still good adevrtising.

nintendo is doing itself no favors over this but they seem to care more about their public image than reaching out to more customers. the irony is their public image is getting lower because of the hard stance they are taking with revenue sharing and trying to force them to sign up to nintendo channels.

DragonKnight1474d ago

This argument was used already and is very poor, bordering on petty.

Joe is called Angry Joe because he doesn't hold back any punches when he reviews bad games. But have you seen him review a game he likes?

Where's the "angry" and "foul mouth" in that?

Yes, let's be prejudiced to someone because they don't let corporations get away with B.S. and then use that prejudiced to just gloss over and grant a pass to terrible business practices.

Christopher1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

I watch a good number of Angry Joe videos. It's rare that he doesn't curse in some way during them. Especially when he's playing with others. Example: Helldivers and Bloodborne recent gameplay videos.

This wasn't about him being "Angry" it was about him using words we don't allow posted to N4G. He uses the F word plenty of times outside of his "Angry" review videos and whatnot.

DragonKnight1474d ago

I must have misunderstood because it seemed as though you said that Nintendo wouldn't want someone like Joe reviewing his games because of his personality.

That is what you said right?

I did just show you a video of a game that Joe LOVED containing no anger afterwards.

Helldivers and Bloodborne videos were done on Twitch, then uploaded to youtube. Different situation. Joe uses Youtube for reviews mostly, and Twitch for gameplays. Sure he'll upload SOME gameplay videos to his youtube channel, but not the majority of them.

Christopher1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

***That is what you said right? ***

No, the foul mouth comment was in relationship to his use of foul language. Meaning, cursing.

He can still be angry without cursing. He can still play games and show it without cursing.

***Helldivers and Bloodborne videos were done on Twitch, then uploaded to youtube. Different situation.***

I don't see how it is... It's still content of him playing a game and using curse words of various sorts during the gameplay. If they stayed on Twitch, perhaps that would make sense, but I watched all of that on YouTube, not Twitch.

DragonKnight1473d ago

@Chris: Yeah, he can, but he doesn't and doesn't have to. Nintendo isn't keeping things away from just him and his personality has nothing to do with it. That's a reaching argument.

Also, like I just said, he doesn't post even half of his gameplay videos on Youtube. In fact I'd bet money you won't see another Bloodborne playthrough on his youtube channel at all. He places SOME playthroughs from his twitch channel on youtube, not even close to the majority. His youtube channel is primarily his reviews, updates, and opinion videos. Playthroughs are a drop in the ocean.

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sugawalls1474d ago Show
KryptoniteTail1474d ago

"Why?" Nintendo is a mafia organisation. They're coming to collect their cut or you get Epona head in your bed.

Blank1474d ago

Dont make them send some pokemon (Drifloon and the like)

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